Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hello Guys! I´m back ( since a long time...)!

I made a trip to Canada (Ottawa), I was there for one month. I was visiting Mike and Mary Lou (John´s parents), they let me live in their house(Thank you so much!).

I met my biggest star John K.! I had a great time with him , he train me to be a better artist. I never thought that I have the chance to meet him, because I live so far away from USA and Canada.

Tom, Me, John and Chris.

Here are some drawings what John did for me!

Look at his blog !

Another star: Mike Kerr!

This is Jose! He is one of the artist who had worked on the new Ren and Stimpy episodes, he have some guest roles in the new episodes. He is fantastic!!!
Take a look at his great blog!

This are Coral and I in a toystore! Coral is a very talented artist ( take a look at her blog" Corky") too, I´ll upload some of the pictures she did for me, at the blog.
Mike and I!

This is Mikes basement, it´s like a gallery insite! You can see original drawings all kind. I made more photos, but the most of them looks bad T-T .

This was the best time in my life! Everyone were so nice to me and gave me so much! Thank you!!!:D :D :D

I have lots more photos and artwork what I want upload later, and you can read the whole story about my trip. I can´t upload so much because the Computers here are to slow and I don´t have many time, I´ll start a new blog where I upload all the pictures.