Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just sketches and one finished drawing

Couldn't update for a while because the damn computer didn't work! Now it works again(sort of), but since it is not my computer and I don't have the programs and other stuff I'm not able to do fancy colored artwork!:(
I'm thinking about buying acrylic paint(since it is not so pricy like the Copic-markers), but I haven't done any paintings since maybe 13 years! And I never was really good at it.
But I would like to give it another chance(like I did with Photoshop)!
What do you think? Should I give it a try and buy some paint? Any advice for a beginner? Thanks!!!:)

I don't think that I have post that picture least I can't find it(unless I'm blind again!):

And a crapload of sketches:

Here is some inspiration and caricature I made from Eddie's blog :

Since I can't color at the moment you have to go over to my sketch-blog to see more sketches I made!:)

It was a happy day for me when I received mail from the creator and artist of Gantz Hiroya Oku !!!=)
And it was a big surprise to get 2 original drawings of my favourite character from him!:D
I love them so much!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
The drawings are very big, so I had to use my camera to take pictures of the artwork.
I hope you like it too:

And I also got this nice print here:

There was also a mini comic-festival in my hometown, lots of cool people were there!:D
And of course I got some amazing drawings:

My friend Caroline drew this for me:

And thanks to Ulf, Sascha and Flavia!:D

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!:D