Saturday, August 20, 2005

To show some of my stuff here on this site – know is the right time. I’m from Germany and I have some "little" problems with the English language. I draw since I was a little child and try to get better and better. This time I have no luck with a job as an artist. The most publishing houses want Anime/Manga stuff, but I think I’m to bad. I know this are sketches and I use to draw them with fine liners (freehand drawings, I’m to lazy to erase the old lines), but I would be very thankful to hear from someone fair advises and tips how I could do better. Please don’t be angry about this cheap paper what I used for, I draw all my stuff in books, not on separate papers. I hope you like my stuff a little bit.

I start with animals at first. There are a lot of animals in my sketchbooks (sometimes more than peoples, faces and other stuff), at most dogs, because I love dogs (Doberman are my favourite).

This dog picture is a remake from a old picture, I like this and I want to make it better.

I like this pictures, so I coloured it with copic markers.

I did this one in my "school" of my stupid government job program, I think it looks a bit like "Lion king".

I made this after seeing "Shrek 2"where the donkey became a white horse. I like it how they animated the horse in this movie.