Saturday, November 12, 2005

Caricature tryings
Many of my favourite arists (Spumco) make very great star-caricatures. I thought I try this too (because they are my idols). But I´m not really satisfied with my drawings, because I don´t have any interests to these stars. I think thes caricatures looks to "normal", I wish I could make it more "extrem". I try to make next pictures better, that what you can see here are my very first tryings. I use Starmagazines for this pictures, because I don´t know in my mind how the most stars looks like.
I begin with colored drawings of Lil´Kim. I don´t like this woman but it make fun to draw this girl because she has a great style.

Here are some sketches. I made them in the "school". The "lessons" are boring so I made some star-doodles in my sketchbook. But I forget which star this should be...

Cute looking stuff.
Many people like this crap, but I like it not so much (I prefer to draw Monster HaHaHa) because its to easy. I would try it too, because I love to try many different styles.
The crap starts with the big-eyed cat:

I love this old-fashioned style!

Big-eyed girl (perfect for the cat).

Ugla singing girl (the mouth is ugly...)