Saturday, October 18, 2008


Some kind of PB-Bulldog:A Dream-pet Poodle I have:

Look at my weird legs!

Don't stay too long in the sun!A girl from ATB (Ren & Stimpy):

Warning! It's getting ugly now!

I found books with lots of old drawings(2005-06) in it. There are so many so it might be that I already have post some of them.

As you can see I got the most inspirations from great artists like Katie Rice, Shane Glines, Lynne Naylor, Preston Blair and Cartoons like Ren & Stimpy.

In this time I didn't understand and know the basic stuff about drawing cartoons, I just copied. And the drawings here does look like copies or some fanart. To me its still amusing and fun to look at them and I hope that I got better now!

And I'm glad to be surrounded by many talented artists, that makes learning much easier and fun!:) Thank you!!!!!!