Saturday, November 12, 2005

Caricature tryings
Many of my favourite arists (Spumco) make very great star-caricatures. I thought I try this too (because they are my idols). But I´m not really satisfied with my drawings, because I don´t have any interests to these stars. I think thes caricatures looks to "normal", I wish I could make it more "extrem". I try to make next pictures better, that what you can see here are my very first tryings. I use Starmagazines for this pictures, because I don´t know in my mind how the most stars looks like.
I begin with colored drawings of Lil´Kim. I don´t like this woman but it make fun to draw this girl because she has a great style.

Here are some sketches. I made them in the "school". The "lessons" are boring so I made some star-doodles in my sketchbook. But I forget which star this should be...

Cute looking stuff.
Many people like this crap, but I like it not so much (I prefer to draw Monster HaHaHa) because its to easy. I would try it too, because I love to try many different styles.
The crap starts with the big-eyed cat:

I love this old-fashioned style!

Big-eyed girl (perfect for the cat).

Ugla singing girl (the mouth is ugly...)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Here are some older sketches. I post them because I´m really busy with other arts and because I don´t know what I could post now. I still like this pictures, I don´t like the most of my older art. These makes me a lil´bit proud because they are freehandsketches.

Here is a dog from the Resident Evil Movie. I like the face of the dogs head.

This is one of my many Mechadogs...

Here are Ren & Stimpy(my favourite Cartoonserie) as Mecha. I tried to made this like in the Battle Angel Alita Manga (one of my favourite Manga). I like it how Yukito draw the machines.

Some old Girlsketches...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

From scetch to colored picture.

Here you can see, how some of my scetches became into colored pictures. When I make some scetches or doodlings often it happens I want to make a colored drawing from this. Sometimes I also color the doodes in my scetchbook, but its not good because the paper in the book are cheap and the colors of the markers print through.

Most of my scetchbooks are a deposit for my mad ideas. Beside this I use these books also as an organizer and for shortstory's.

This sketch is quite ugly. I made many different changes at the final colored pic.
It looks really strange :)

Here I like the face expression and the hair more than in the colored pic ...

Here are some of my stupid ideas. I hope all the vegetarians don't worry about it. :) Most of my mad visions I get during listening music.

This is from my point of view the funniest picture, becaus it looks really stupid. I think the steak looks like a rubber steak from the petshop.

Bon appitit. I should get some broiler too ( I'm so hungry ...)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Some of my coloured art. I love to try some new styles in colouring. I prever to use the "Copic" Markers. These are pictures from my "trainingsbook".

Here are some Girlsketches. I start to draw (cartoon) girls at the beginning of this year. I was very inspired to draw this as I saw some pictures of "Naked Beach Frenzy", one of the new Ren & Stimpy episodes. I found more inspirations in the art of Shane Glines and Katie Rice, at the first time their art helps me to make my drawings better. I had many problems with the faces and the legs, I think today I do better, but I don’t think that its perfect. But I’ll give my best.

This is from a stupid TV commercial. I tried to draw the women in this spot.