Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Cereal Killers Characters....

I made two characters, hope that I made not so many mistakes....

That´s from Cap´n Crunch, I use old Ren & Stimpy comics (advertisement) to draw this. It was very hard, because the pictures in the comics were small. I like the character in the old comics, more than the new version. Thought I draw him like a (very) old pirate :). I never eat these cornflakes, because I can´t buy it at home in Germany, but I want to know how it taste like (good or bad?) ^-^.

The second one was hard for me, at first the Title of the "box", the bad paper(colors are not so good on it) and the pain of the surgery XP. The picture in my head looks better than the finished work. But I think it looks funny XD.

I do each part by hand(Sketch, Outlines, Colours,etc), because the Computer didn´t work good. Difficult were the letters and the Logos of the "boxes", I must cut them by hand and put them on the drawing.
I hope that hand-made work have the same chance like Computercolored art and hope I made it good.