Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fanart= Ren and Stimpy
Actually I want put this on "Motlos"(Members of the loyal order of Stupids), but since a while there are some problems (Login, Upload), so I put this on my blog.
These are artwork from the last year and I want upload this last year, but I had problems with the upload. Since the problems there are not so many people there :/, I hope that someone can solve (hope thats the right word) the problems on this site, because its my favourite place in the internet.
I hope you like my fanart, I love to draw these characters :D! I want to greet all the people who love R&S too!

Here I tried to do this in another style of coloration, I was inspired by a R&S DVD cover (I think it was from Nick Cross). I hope you like it too. ^-^

This is pretty ugly....

This is the first pic what I made this year.