Sunday, October 15, 2006

Marvel & DC Girls Funart! XD

Before I could read I love to look in the comics of my older brothers. I was fascinated from the fantastic artwork and I start to draw the characters (most the men). The boys in the kindergarden and later in the primary school always wants my drawings. Other children starts to draw funny people, funny animals and flowers, I drew musclemen, skeletons and fighting scenes. Maybe I´ll post some of my kiddy drawings later. Comics are one of the reasons to start to draw.
The scanner change the colors again, I hope you still have fun to look at. =)
Which of these ladies is your favourite?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Farm:

Had fun to draw lots of animals. :) My very first baboon in color... Grrrrrrr!

....and this is my first cow(and bull) in color. I must say it´s hard for me to draw a cow, I don´t draw them often so I hope that´s a good start. Mooooh!