Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cute looking stuff.
Many people like this crap, but I like it not so much (I prefer to draw Monster HaHaHa) because its to easy. I would try it too, because I love to try many different styles.
The crap starts with the big-eyed cat:

I love this old-fashioned style!

Big-eyed girl (perfect for the cat).

Ugla singing girl (the mouth is ugly...)


Virginia Valle said...

Oh your girls are beautiful :)

Chet said...

some of them remind me of teenage robot,for some reason.But yeah there really cool.

Jazzy Justin said...

Loving these! Hahahaha

Conrad said...

Digging the cereal boxes. Great idea. Do more. Total wacky packages style. That Al Jaffee (Mad Magazine) "bone in the vomit" kind of detail is great! You're a lot better at drawing than I was at 23. Keep it up.

aaron said...