Sunday, November 12, 2006


Before I post some of my new art, I want to show you a masterpiece what Patrick made! His version looks much better than my drawing, all the details, the eyes, the hair, the skin, the clothes...the character looks like a real human now! I love it! =D

Thanks Patrick!!! :)

Hey people! Go to his Blog and see more of his beautiful art!


Arschblog said...

The link works!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I´m a genius! XD
And I can see the letters! JOY!!!

fabiopower said...

Hello Steffi, I am Fabiopower from Chile! it is always a pretty surprise when you post something in your blog. I believe that the art of Patrick is excellent, is very good, but your art is PRECIOUS also.
Only are different, but your style is not smaller. You are a great artist
and I admire to you. Believe me!
a hug

Patrick said...

Hey Stefanie, I am Happy yu liked my version of your drawing!!!If you have an email address , I would like to send you a HUGE high resolution version of this drawing!!!

Ryan G. said...

Yeah.. Patrick kicks ass with that pencil..

Alina Chau said...

cool character drawings!! The super hero girl drawings below ROCK!

Arschblog said...

Patrick: I got your e-mail! Thanks!:)

Thanks everyone for the nice comments! Patrick is a great artist, keep a look at his blog! :D