Sunday, October 21, 2007

Depressing stuff:

I found some new(couple months old) and older stuff that I actually don't want to post here.....
right now I have not much time to draw something really cool, because the Job and I work on other stuff after work. I try to post so often as I can!

What do you think about my book? (Click on picture and see what's happening!:))


crsP said...

Nice duck. I'm glad you didn't post this in 2006 when you created it or I would have looked like I completely copied your colour scheme for my duck! Phew. Quack.

Your book is looking good. I can see the previous test you put up with the wavy line in the motion of the pages. You have a good understanding of animation. You can start making shorts now, without fear!

Mitch K said...

That duck is totally wicked!

Nice page turn too!

T. said...

Sind doch wieder tolle Sachen!

Großartige Maedchen, seltsamer Kaktus-Elvis und 'n gut
Ich glaube, du solltest alles posten, was bei Dir noch so rumfliegt!

Pat McMicheal said...

LOVE THE ANIMATION....Love ALL of your work!!!

dintoons said...

oooh thats one tough looking doggy... or is he a wolf??! and your girls are so cute ^_^

Hammerson said...

Depressing stuff?!? Not at all! Your posts are always a great cure against depression.
These are all funny and well done drawings. I love duck, and the sexy girls (the cartoony version of Rogue looks especially good).
You already know what I think about that awesome "Elvis" drawing :)
And I see another self-portrait here :)
The book looks fine, you've done an excellent animation of the turning pages. I'd love to see one day a real book completely filled with your wonderful drawings.

Sphyzex_9 said...

You're an amazing artist.

Arschblog said...

Hey Crsp: This happens to many artists, you draw a picture and the someone comes and say "Hmmm... it looks like the drawing from XYZ!", or you find in the Internet or in a book a drawing that looks like your drawing! These moments are frustrating and funny at the same time, because it can happen to everyone.
I like your little duck, it looks better than my duck!:)

Thanks everyone!!! Vielen Dank!!!!!

I work on more animation and I'll post it when I have done some!=)

Jay D Smith said...



Ryan G. said...

Awesome Steffi! Id really like to see more animation from you:)

David Germain said...

If you were attempting to draw Daffy, he's abit off model but yet still possesses that Looney energy that is needed to properly render him. If I or someone else were assigned to make a new Daffy Duck cartoon, certainly there'd be no hesitation in hiring you.

You say you'll post some of your own animation sometime? Well, some of mine will be on TV this coming Monday.

Ken said...

wow lots of great images!

and the book rocks. An eternally page turning book. Nice animation!

Sean Worsham said...

Nice cycle animation on the bottom. BTW where's the picture of me you promised ;)

R.A. MacNeil said...

Wow Steffi. Amazing stuff.


Julián höek said...

hi Steffi! that duck it's totally awesome!!!
see ya!

Howard Shum said...

I like the dog!

Alexei Martins said...

I love your stuff!!
cute book!;)

J.E.Daniels said...

Great style you have! Very "Golden Age" inspired.
I watched that animation for a while, the pages never get to the end of the book!!!! lol

MILLUS said...

gefällt mir
schöne Sachen dabei und ich mag es sehr, wie du colorierst
Das Buch ist nicht schlecht, schöner cycle

hab wieder ein myspace account

schick dir beste Grüße

Vencys_lao said...


You are an Amazing artist! Big Girl!

I like your work! Fantastic!

See ya!

Arschblog said...

Thank you!!!!:)

David: It shouldn't be Daffy, it should be just a normal duck that plays tennis. But you are right it looks a little bit like Daffy.^-^

Millus: Freu mich wieder was von Dir zu hoeren!:)

Arschblog said...
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ryan said...


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