Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am not dead(yet)!

I'm a bad blogger, but I have lots of work to do and other things, Sorry!T-T

Here is some stuff I did with Markers(some good friends saved my life! Thanks!!!)and I tried a different style too, I hope you like it!^^

And I tried some PixelstuffXD:

Extra: A friend of mine(Yuke) was inspired by my cartoony Gantzstuff and is working on a cartoony Kishimoto-figure!

I like how it looks now, and later the figure will be painted too! I can't wait to see the finished figure!=)
Yuke is also a very talented artist, visit him here:

Gantz was created by Hiroya Oku


Tony Mitchell said...

You always post so many pictures at once and they are all really normally i would pick my favorite and write about that one, and this time the winner is the blue catou drawing.its great because it has lots of appeal for a drawing thats pixilated witch is a new thing for me to see, and love the bg shapes too.i hope you do lots more pixel stuff.

Howard Shum said...

Cool marker drawings, Stefanie!

I'm glad to hear that you aren't dead. :)

David Germain said...

Wow! Someone else is making a sculpture of one of your drawings??!! That's probably the biggest compliment anyone can give to an artist. You should feel proud. I also concur that it's good that you're not dead.

Incidentally, would you mind looking at my uncle?

Andy said...


This is my first time commenting.

Your drawings are AWESOME.

You have heaps of talent... Wish to be as good as you some day haha.

Keep drawing... I always look forward to your new posts.


Mitch K said...

I love your marker stuff! =)

Are you still in NS??

R.A. MacNeil said...

Amazing stuff Steffi. and the figure looks awesome.


ryan said...

i like it i like it!

PCUnfunny said...

Neat drawings ! LOVE that wolf !

Justin said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome!
I've always liked Pixel work too, simplified and square. But, Ink oooooOOhhh Ink.
Hope all is well with you! Hugs,

Arschblog said...

Tony: Maybe one for you!;)

Howard: Not yet! Thanks!!!XD

David: Thanks!:) He is doing a great job! And he wants to do more!=) I always want to have my own toys!XD
Ps: Your uncle is cute!:3

Thanks, Andy!:D

Mitch: Yes, I'm still in NS! Wanna meet me?

Pc, Ryan & Ryan: Thanks a lot!!!:D

Justin: I'm glad to hear from you!:) How are you?