Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cartoonstuff and coloringtests:

In this post I was inspired by artists like: Katie Rice, John K. and Kesame,
I also tried out lots of techniques in Photoshop, I hope that I'm getting better!^^

This is a drawing I did for my friend Ralph! Check out his artwork he his amazing!=)
Kesame is another fantastic artist! I tried out her Photoshop-tutorial and this came out:


crsP said...

Your Simpsons Gantz looks really authentic! The lines though are cleaner than in the series [not sure about the movie] - you made it too good! Another thing is that you've put eyebrows on him. Simpsons characters usually don't have any, but even the show disregards that rule now, especially on the characterised 'celebrity' guests. I also find it interesting that you mentioned Matt Groening. I can understand Rumiko Takahashi and Hiroya Oku, as you've used their characters, but you've only done a sort-of Matt Groening style [even the show is not that close to his style!]. Of course I'm not saying it's wrong or right to do this, but just thought it curious.

'girlwithdog' looks just as surprised as me to see her dog pOoP out a couple of Herculoids and his butt-hole is still wide open for more guest appearances!

I think it's very well done how you had the fox's fur looking like it's receding into the darkness, like he's jumping out to grab the stick. his tongue is pretty cool too. You're quite superb at dog cartoons. From now on you shall be known to all as Queen Bitch!

You're girls are as lovely as ever - even the goose-stepper! She has the eyes of a killer.

crsP said...

Erm, I meant 'your', not you're' in that last paragraph. I feel like a failure...

Arschblog said...

I did the outlines in Flash and I hear very often that they use Flash or Toonboom in the Simpsons too. But I like the old cartoons(till season 10) the best, to me it looks better when they drew everything on Cell, now everything looks so stiff and clean.:/
I know, but without the eyebrows he would look weird.
Celebrity guests in Simpsons: I don't like it that in almost each new episode there is a famous person from reality! The same to products you can buy in real life. Where is the creativity? I like it when they created their own stars and products but you still got an idea what it's actually could be(like Itchy & Scratchy land = Disneyland).
I mention his name because the one drawing looks too much like Simpsons and I don't want to get in trouble.LOL

Thanks for reminding me on this show! I use to watch it when I was little!XD

Thanks that you like my girls and that fox/wolf thing!
No, there is only ONE Queen Bitch and that's Lil Kim!=)

Andy said...

Sweet stuff!

I love all the photoshop techniques, seriously.

oddgirlscary.jpg Her hair looks like candy... hahaha.

You're awesome at drawing. Especially animals... they look amazing.


Pat McMicheal said...

I'm Always happy to see NEW posts from you!!! I wonder if you like dogs?
I'm glad you liked my new drawing of the Japanese girl...I like that one also.
Did you know that the MOST POPULAR drawing on my blog is the one I copied from YOU?
I have software that monitors traffic to my blog, and That drawing accounts for 93% of the traffic to my blog!! I thought you would like to hear that.

Tony Mitchell said...

Hey Steffi!! Once again you surprised me with your talent!!! Out of all these awesome pieces of artwork the winner for me is that katou drawing, because the color choices are amazing with a very stong drawing...really eye catching. The design is so different then how you would normally draw him too. You work always inspired me to try different styles.

Ps I really like the dog drawing too!!

R.A. MacNeil said...

Amazing stuffy. My favorite is the girl with the dog, very funny drawing.


Hammerson said...

Very nice update! I love when you experiment and try something new in Photoshop. The result is always surprising and exciting.
It's hard to pick a favorite among
all these pictures... perhaps walkingirlweird (the pose is fantastic). Terrific Katou drawings too, you can't have a blog update without him. And now he's a celebrity guest in Simpsons :)
Also, the sad/angry Gantzgirl from the previous post looks awesome!

crsP said...

They used Toon Boom harmony on the Simpsons movie, and the lines are quite clean like on your Gantz one. But I don't think that they do any 'inking' on the television series. I noticed that the lines are quite rough and give me the impression that they just scanned in the pencil test into the computer for colouring. That may also explain the 'stiffness' of the animation, if they are doing pencil tests which need to be clean enough for final output. I wouldn't put the entire blame on digital versus cell however. I think the animation was getting to the same point it is at now before they switched to digital.

The celebrity thing is out of control though.It was better when they would have the story based around the guest appearance - for example the Michael Jackson one where he was supposed to be a mental patient who thought he was Michael jackson. As opposed to The Simpsons going about their adventures then suddenly one of the characters points out 'hey, there's such-and-such nobody from blah blah blah'. It just turns into name dropping and self-promotion. The product placement is silly too, and pointless.

I have more, but I will save it for the Simpsons post I've been procrastinating on doing. And will continue to procrastinate on...

Saskia said...

Aaah , wie toll TvT Weisst du eigentlich wie genial du bist? Und sorry das ich in letzter zeit nie kommentiere, ich bin so eine Niete :(

Und was ist das für eine Diskussion, dein Kaito im Simpsons stil sieht doch toll aus, muss man da mehr zu sagen (btw. hast du auch die anderen Charas in dem Stil umgesetzt? ) XD

Weiter so, weiter so .)

benj said...

WOW! :0 (jaw droppin')
Very SOLID and cartoony...
you're SO talented!

Those 3 girls are amazing,
the first pic is my favorite.

Mitch K said...

That fox is awesome! But my favorite is the girl with the dog. haha So cute! :D

Anonymous said...

I love that first drawing of the girl with the scarf. You kick ass!

david gemmill said...

awesome! i really like the girl and her dog hahahaa. all of it is great though!!! super solid

ryan said...

that top drawing is very katie-esque, i like it. and i REALLY like the one with the girl and the pooping dog :D

PCUnfunny said...

Great crapping dog drawing LOL! Also that's an interesting Lynne Naylor-esque Inuyasha.

Katie said...

Wow Steffi, these are cool!! Thanks for the mention! I love the second one...I like the pose and the sort of fluffy soft feeling to it. I have trouble coloring on the computer! Got any hints for us? :)

Ninia Pastelillo said...

you have a great blog!!!

Howard Shum said...

Cool stuff!

Pedro Vargas said...

Wow, too beautiful, Steffi! These look really fantastic. Man, they're just too awesome! These drawings make me want to draw more!

Arschblog said...

Patrick: I love dogs(and cats), they are funny and interesting!That's why I draw them so often!XD
Thanks for the info! I'm happy to hear that!:)

Hammerson: Oh, I can! The newest post doesn't have any Katou drawing!XD

Crsp: They have enough money to do good quality in the Simpsons, they actually could produce a Simpsons movie every year! + good quality.

I love that Michael Jackson episode! So more it makes me sad that the new episodes sucks so much! I lost completely my interest to see them!:( Because it lost almost everything I liked on the Simpsons, now it reminds me on a bad 30-minute-commercial!:P The Simpsons became that what I hate the most!

Saskia: Es freut mich sehr das zu hoeren!:D Wenn ich Zeit habe mache ich auch die anderen Gantzcharactere im Simpsons style, ganz besonders freue ich mich schon auf Nishi!XD

Katie: I'm glad to hear it from you! Thanks!!!:D
Actually I still have lots of trouble doing art and coloring on the PC!^^ I experiment a lot with the tools to see what looks good and can use it for later, another good help are tutorials that artists put in the internet!:)

Everyone Else: Thanks for your nice comments on my drawings!:D
You make me really happy!!!:D:D:D

jasmine.celion said...

pretty nice cartoons i like it

jasmine celion

Justine said...

i am so flattered :x
i love your cartoony stuff, your great with digital! do you do real media as well? i love marker doodles

G1toons said...

wow really crazy tight designs good stuff

Arschblog said...

Justine: Thanks! Yes, I like to draw and color by hand! One of the main reasons why I work digital now is that my markers get empty and I can't buy any new here!:P
You can see my sketches and doodles on my other blog(Grillhouse).=)

Jasmine and g1toons: Thank you!!!:3