Friday, June 13, 2008

Nothing special.....

The BG is the most important thing in this post, the first two things are just little icons I did for my iTunes library, and the weasel is a little drawing I did for a friend.:)


Saskia said...

Waaaaaah, die Zeichnung mit dem Fuß ;_; Herrlich verstörend ! T_T Da scheiden sich die Geister, und das lieb ich so an deinen Sachen. Hör bloß nie auf so originelle Zeichnungen zu machen !

Hammerson said...

Damn, you did it again! Extraordinary work, Steffi! I love the drawings that suggest there's something more, beyond the visible frame. This one looks like a whole little world to visit, explore and get lost into. Also it's a great scenery for some ferocious alien fighting :)

The rest is cool too. I like that weasel-thing, and the icons are hilarious! First one looks like a flying meatball, or maybe even a flying turd. And I'm really curious to know what kind of music from your iTunes library is marked with that second icon XD

Hryma said...

It looks like you used real paint for the BG, did you use painter or is that illustrator?

crsP said...

Er... don't be too insulted if I don't offer you a foot massage!

I see from your backgrounds that you are going with a big Hanna Barbera influence, albeit updated somewhat. I would recommend that you try the latest trial version of Painter. It has a much better simulation of natural media than Photoshop. There's a watercolour brush that continues to bleed into the canvas after you apply a stroke! It'll be good for splatter effects like those you use on your background textures. Also you asked in your last post how to do cleaner lines in Photoshop. Painter has a function wherein you can draw a bezier curve [like in [Flash or Illustrator], and use them as a guide, sort of like the grid, so your hand strokes [whatever material you want to use] 'snaps' to the guide. That'll ensure cleaner lines, if you make the guide over your scanned drawings then apply your colour. Anyway the trial is very generous [2 or 3 months I think], so it wont cost anything to see. Also Painter can save in Photoshop .psd format, so you don't have to stop using one instead of the other - just go between both for the best of each world.

Speaking of the previous post, I will point out that you should be careful when applying your 'frisket' like textures [they might explode!]. On the house with the purple trees in the background, it seems to me that the blocks of paint strokes you have on those trees don't look like they conform to them. They appear to be floating in the picture, like some kind of science-fiction transporter beams! What it could be is that the colours of those are too much saturated compared to the ones behind them. You could have also used the sponge effect on them like you did on some of the leaves of the green bush next to the trees.

I am far from expert, but one suggestion I would give when doing backgrounds would be to have a character [or vehicles or whatever is going to be moving] and do the background for it. That way you know where to keep certain areas more open and others more crowded with detail. I don't know if this is how it's done at studios, but it's just something I think that's fun and will help. And do you really need any encouragement to draw another Katou?!

ryan said...

HEY!! it's Osaka!! hahahahaha, that's awesome! :D

Daniel Ted said...


Jay D Smith said...

love the background image! great stuff!!


Tony Mitchell said...

wow!! great job really got to teach me how you make things look actually painted.

R.A. MacNeil said...

Wow, I really like the Bg and the flying eye/meat ball.


Arschblog said...

Saskia! Es freut mich das es Dir gefaellt!XD Sowas kommt raus wenn man zuviel Ren & Stimpy guckt!

Hryma: Thank you!:D I did this in Photoshop!

Crsp: Don't worry! This is not my foot!XD
You are right! I love the Hanna Barbera BGs! And Thanks for the great tips! I really should try out Painter!=)
I like how you explain things, it helps me a lot! These are one of my first colored BGs, I have a lot to learn! Thanks for your help!!!
Would you like to see more Katous?=)

Ryan: I'm glad you like it!!! And you had the luck to see it life!

Daniel: Why?

Jay, Tony, Hammerson, Ryan: Thanks!!!!!=D