Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trades and gifts

For: it is his character Nadja!:3

Just 4 fun:

Here are some sketches:

Tons more sketches here:


Zeitwolf said...

your various styles are awesome

Arschblog said...


Nico said...

Steffi! That drawing of the girl's butt being sliced is INSANE. Awesome, and insane. Painful! Hilarious! Wow; so many emotions, it makes me feel. GREAT JOB

Arschblog said...

Don't worry! She is not in pain!:)
It's the weird way how Gantz beams/scans/teleport their people in the room. I really like that Idea so I made that drawing.:3
I'm glad you like it!!!:3

Niki said...

Hi It's Tekena1200! Here to say HI!

Your blog is confusing to navigate!!

R.A. MacNeil said...

Steffi, these drawing are all awesome. The first one is probably my fav, but it's hard to pick. The horse is very skillfully done, and the dog too.

Tony Mitchell said...

the Mystery is so awesome its awesome!!!and thank so much for it too.

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff as always! The slice-butt is fantastic!

crsP said...

Arschblog said...

"Just 4 fun:"Erm, you have a FILTHY mind. Wash your brain out with industrial soap.

Your cross-hatched horse is excellent - is it from your [normally FILTHY] imagination or direct from some sort of reference? Maybe some sort of horse-like creature you have raised in your house? It's brilliant. I like the way you captured the dough-eyes they have. It's what lessens a horse's elegance and shows them for the killers they really are. I'm guessing.

I like the pastel colouring on the last dog. You're good in many areas it would seem. Do you do sculptures? Mashed potatoes or otherwise.

Howard Shum said...

Good stuff!

Arschblog said...

Hi Tekena!!! Nice to see you here!!!:D My blog confusing?

I'm happy you like it, Ryan!!!=)

Tony: Do you know what's awesome?
KATOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
I'm happy you like my version of Mystery!:)

Josh: She is not sliced, she gets beamed/scanned!XD

Crsp: The horse is done from memory. I used to draw horses everyday when I was in school, I just want to know that I still can do it.XD Horse eyes are really strange and fascinating looking, I like drawing eyes a lot!:)

I would like to do sculptures!
I also sew my own costumes, clothes and plush toys!:3

Howard: Thank you!!!:D

david gemmill said...

hahah really cool stuff! i like all of it!

Anonymous said...

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