Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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Simpsons + Gantz

I would like to change the name of my blog! Because there are other blogs that have the same name and it contains cheap porn!>:-(

The only reason why I won't change the name is I don't want to confuse people.

My question is 1. : Should I change the name?

2.: If yes, what name would be good for my blog? (Please nothing with "Gantz"!)


ryan said...

You're awesome Steffi

Zeitwolf said...

in my Google Reader I renamed your feed to Stefanie A. ... so I don't confuse you with the porn blogs I feedreed :D

(no, actually, I renamed you, because Arschblog seems nsfw)

··Dorian Schneider·· said...

Wow! really nice work!! I liked the last one (Nishi isn't he?) one of my favourite characters, ha ha :)

Mitch K said...

Really great stuff! I was wondering when you were going to post those.

That dancing girl is really really great. :D

David Germain said...

Those are some sweet drawings. I like the girl in the "Daisy Dukes" the best.

Do some of your visitors here ask "where's the cheap porn"? If so, you should definitely be changing the name. How about Steffi's Blog - Better Than Porn!!

patrick said...

great textures & colorwork. That Ren is hilarious!

Deemo said...

AMAZING ART!!!!!!!!! What do you want your new blog to be called, what cha got in mind?

Tony Mitchell said...

hey steffi!!
awesome work over all, but my fav is the first one nice colors,cool texture in bg, really nice pose too and most of all its not katou again.

keep working hard!!

david gemmill said...

great drawings as usual! that top one is super awesome!

Arschblog said...
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Arschblog said...

Ryan, Mitch, Patrick and David: I'm happy you like my drawings!!! Thank you!!!:D

Zeitwolf, David Germain, Deemo: Thanks for your help!!!:) I don't want to use my name in it, I want just one name or word and it should be something funny.

Tony: Thanks!!!:D And thanks for reminding me! I will do some more Katou-art!=)

Dorian: It's Nishi! He is one of my favourite characters in Gantz. I like the Nishi before he died in the Tanaka-mission the best.XD

Brick Layer said...

I can get with this

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