Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chrono Trigger

Normally I should be depressed and bored because I have to wait for Gantz till October, but then my friend Mitch came and borrowed me Chrono Trigger for the Gameboy DS
and quickly I was hocked!!!=)
I hate to give him back the game XD, when I have more money I'll buy my own!

Here are my first tries to draw the characters. These are not the best drawings and I already hate some of these, because these my very first!^_^

I was inspired by Rex and Katie Rice when I did them, and I hope the colors are not too extreme! I wanted to try out something new.

And please tell me what do you really think and what I could change! That would be a great help!!!:)


I'm a little bit ashamed showing them, but here we go:

1. She is right now my favourite character:

Doesn't look like Ayla at all....

Lucca is not my favourite character but she is fun to draw!:)

I love him!!!<3

I have a hard time drawing Magus and Chrono...probably because these are guys...

OMG, I drew him like a nasty old man!>.<

Here some sketches of him and the missing uncolored characters:

Ps: Check out these CT-drawings :


Katie said...

These are so cool!! I love the original character designs, and your take on them is excellent. :)

Patrick McMicheal said...

These are GREAT>>>>>. I love them ALL!
I'll re-send you instructions on how to add graphics to your blog background!!!!!
Watch your mail!

Chris Battle said...

Love the Helga pic! So much life!

James Moriarty said...

I DID IT. I found the comment button horay! XD lol yeah I'm Mafer from Deviantart. Now that I found it I can comment on the future (silly me.)

Amir Avni said...

Mitch is known to cheer up people :)

Mitch K said...

STEFFI THESE ARE AWESOME!!! You should finish Chrono -- he's so cool! And Frog is soooooo cool! I love his whiskers. He looks funny and cool with long legs.

You'll have to show me how you did Marle's (Helga's) rendering -- it looks so good!

Magus has his cat! =^.^= !

These have cheered ME UP! :D

R.A. MacNeil said...

These are awesome! So happy to see them all posted. Great stuff Steffi.

Patrick McMicheal said...

Are you still in Canada? I have something to mail to you!

ryan said...

Damn these are some really great drawings. Cute girl designs. That frog is hilarious!

Justin said...

Steffi! you never cease to astound me! I wish I was still working beside you.

Howard Shum said...

The girl drawings look cute!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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優質行動網 said...
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Arschblog said...

Thanks Katie!!!:D
I like them too and I like that each character has a unique personality, I would like to see a CT-Manga!=)

Patrick: I still wait...
I'm still in Canada but I don't know where I go in the next couple months.'_____'

Chris: Thanks!!!:) I like her the best and it was fun to draw her!:3

Mafer: Sometimes I hide the comment-button because I do very often two posts at the same day. Usually my Gantz-related posts are blocked because people seem to be bored of all my Gantz-craziness!XD
I'm happy to see you here!:)

Amir: Yes, he does!XD

Mitch: I'm happy you like them!=)
It all happened because you gave me the Game!XD
I always thought that is something like a mustache on Frog!XD
Too bad that I can't show anymore, I would like to!:(

Justin: I wish too.;_;

Ryan, Ryan and Howard: Thanks for your nice comments!!!:D :D :D

PS: Don't click on the Spam-links!!! It could infect your PC with a nasty virus!:(

Tongue said...

schönen strich haste, glamerös! jefällt!

Arschblog said...

Vielen Dank!!!:)

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