Friday, November 27, 2009

District 9

I fooking love this movie!!! The best movie I have seen since a long long time!=)

I'm normally really picky with movies and normally after I saw a new movie I don't want to watch it again for a long while, but there are only a few movies I love so much that I could watch them over and over again(and even know every word the characters say!XD).
District 9 is one of these movies! I can't wait till the DVD comes out, but in the meantime I watch the videos on Youtube and check for District 9 related stuff in the internet and do lots of drawings like these:

Older stuff and new stuff are mixed up in this post because it is really hard to find the right images on a fooking Mac!>.< I hope you like my stuff!=)

I really like how the Aliens look like in the Character-development! For some reason I like the bigger eyes better, check out the concept art:
And this blog:

Really sad that there is NO District 9 Merchandise out there! So I made my own:

Have you seen the movie too? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

All these are so awesome!

crsP said...

I liked it - it surprised me. To be honest it started really slow and boring with that annoying 'documentary style' filming, but luckily it did eventually pick up and RAWKED!. I like the way they developed Wikus from a fooking doucehbag to an almost lovable, er...douchebag. And I'm intrigued by these lazy stupid aliens who are capable of such amazing technology. I wonder if it's bad script writing or if it's all going to be revealed in the sequel. I hope for the latter. Anyway quite pleasing despite some flaws here und der.

I like your fan arts. Varied. Who would have thought that they wouldn't want to merchandise some dirty stinking trampy aliens to adolescents?!

··Dorian Schneider·· said...

Wow! Yes, this movie is really awesome :)

And your fan art too.

Ya can capture that emotive expression in the aliens eyes.

Good work!

Tony Mitchell said...

WOW! These are all really good steffi you can really tell you research the character very well. They look really accurate to the movie with your twist on it of course .my favorite piece is that alien dole you made incredible you got talent.

G1toons said...

ha ha very nice, i love the merchandise

G1toons said...

oh if you want to avoid the spammers turn "your Show word verification for comments?" on you can find this in the comments section of your settings hope that helps

PhiL said...

ha ha, these are great, i havent seen the movie but these make me want to see it

David Germain said...

I saw District 9 a few months ago. I definitely enjoyed. I found some people online who called it "racist", but they're all whiney crackpots so, who cares?

Great job on drawing those aliens. I wouldn't even have tried such a thing.

WIL BRANCA said...

Wow! Great bugs, Stefanie!

LFW said...

It is a great movie, one of the best.

Also, I am a huge fan of your art, keep up the amazing drawings, and keep posting, I love seeing new work from you

cheers to you and your skill


murrayb said...

hahahaha! the first one makes me want a district 9 golden book.

Danne8a said...

I love district 9 and I love these sketches and merch!
Great job!

Kristel said...

These are amazing Stefanie! :D

Kristel said...

These are amazing Stefanie! :D

Mitch K said...

WOW you made one! That's so cool!!!!!!

Trevour said...

Awesome! Now where is the District 9 Saturday morning cartoon series? :-)

Arschblog said...

Mitch, John, Wil, Kristel: Thank you so much for the nice comments!!!=)

G1Toons: Thanks! But I think the Spammers are gone now!:)

Crsp: I like pretty much everything in the film!=) And there is a reason why the Aliens are so "lazy" and "stupid".;) I hope they explain it more in the second movie!

And C'mon, these Aliens are amazing!!!=)

Dorian & Tony: I do my best, it is really hard to put different expressions for these Aliens in my drawings, I hope when I get the DVD that I can learn more!=3

Phil: Watch it!!!!!!=D

David: People always find something that's not there if they want to, they just need something to bitch about!-.- Anyway, I'm happy that you like my stuff!!!=)

LFW and Danne8a: Thanks for checking out my stuff!:3 I'm glad you like the movie and my drawings!

Murray: Heeeeyyyy!!!!!!:D That's actually what I want to do!:3 They sell these blank Golden Books at Walmart, so I got one but unfortunately the paper is too thin for my markers!:( But I want to do it digitally instead!:3

Trevour: Could be hard taking all the Fooks and violence out XD, unless it is about the Aliens adventurous life on their planet and/or their travels trough space!:D

krakit said...

Your artwork and plush
are fantastic!! I wish
there was a cartoon
using District 9 characters
as you drew them. Even
if one was never made
for us to enjoy it would
be a blast for someone
to make some cartoon
segments to be played
somewhere in the background
of the District 9 sequel.

Pradeep Soni said...

love this post of yours...specially the stuff toy!!! :)

Ricky said...

Hey! These are COOL!

kanishk said...

These are awesome! So happy to see them all posted.
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musicm said...

Wow! Yes, this movie is really awesome :)

And your fan art too.
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Luis María Benítez said...

They look really great. You have such solid drawing. Congratulations!

j. said...

I love your drawings of the Prawns! I was searching for reference for the characters because I want, like you, to make my own merchandise from the movie -- in crochet.

Amazing stuff here! I can't wait to look at the rest of your blog!


musicm said...

My favorite blog! Geninne is so talented.

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Such a wonderful movie It was.

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milind said...

love your art!coolz