Saturday, November 06, 2010


Turned out better than I expected!:3 Oil on paper:

Only wish the colors would be richer and brighter...maybe I should spend more than 5 bucks on the oil-paint...

^This one was my first try. Sorry for the weird anatomy!>.<


Chibi Janine said...

Like the Unicorn it's very sweet and I love the expression.

crsP said...

Maybe you should try gouache if you don't have canvas for your oils. Or canvas paper. Oh, and I think if you're using oils, you need primer. Basically you paint the underlining canvas white first. I don't think you use oils, maybe acrylic. I have never done an oil painting so double check these facts!

They may be more muted but at least they are not muddy like some I've seen.

And that girl's knees are red-raw. I will guess carpet burns. From kneeling on the carpet. Rolling balls. Lint balls of course!

Cory said...

Looks nice! Oils are a bit intimidating to me...I'm a bit afraid of having to use solvents and following the "thin to thick" rule but I love the texture that can be achieved using oils.

Arschblog said...

Chibi: Thanks!!! It is a character from "My little Pony"!=)

Crsp: That's what I thought too! Maybe the next time!:D
I'm not really fuzzy about canvas, it appears too rough. I need a smooth survace to control the lines better.XD
The paper I used is thick, because I don't want that it wrinkle.

Cory: Never heard of the "thin to thick rule"...@_@
I'm happy that you like it!!!=)

Tony Mitchell said...

I really like the pony too steffi nice touch with the heart in the eye.

Jorge said...

Cool pony! The colours are nice and girly without being tacky.

David Germain said...

I don't think the girl's anatomy looks weird at all. You did a great job as usual.

Hey, do you remember a long time ago when you read that Censor Monkeys comic of mine on my blog? Do you remember posting the comment "I hope you make more"? Well, I finally did, only it's not just on the blog this time.

Arschblog said...

Thanks a lot, Tony and Jorge!!!:D

David: Glad you made more!!!=) Would like to read but unfortunately no money right now!:(