Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last post before the year ends!

Nothing special, just colored sketches:

Gantz, Mickey Mouse, Zed, belong to their rightful owners!


David Germain said...

Your "nothing special" is definitely something special.

David de Rooij said...

Wow I didn't see that last one coming!

I wanted to say great stuff!

But now the only thing I can say is jkbrf;lrwefbr;wlfbgrew;lkvbf

crsP said...

You are very generous. Really just the shorts give a hint that the character is Mickey Mouse. I made a Mickey Mouse parody when I was a younger pup. It was more blatant, yet looked less like Mickey. I knew about MAD magazine being sued by Disney for their Mickey\Mini parody. Yet to earn any money from my character. How, ya doin'? How's the family?

You are really good at drawing hands, although I must admit I am not a fan of the squared off finger type. I get it when the character is wearing gloves, but my brain porridge cannot compute rectangular fingers. Did you pick that up in Canada? It seems like a Canadian thing.

You are also proficient at nipples, and the things nipples are on - which scientist refer to as 'nipple shelves'. You should stop studying nips. You will get cross-eyed.

Saskia said...

Ich liebe wie du bei deinen Gantz fanarts immer mit den Stilen experimentierst :)) ....haha am besten wäre ja noch eine Parodie von der Verwandlungszene bei P&S mit Gantz Charakteren XD