Sunday, September 04, 2005

Here are some Girlsketches. I start to draw (cartoon) girls at the beginning of this year. I was very inspired to draw this as I saw some pictures of "Naked Beach Frenzy", one of the new Ren & Stimpy episodes. I found more inspirations in the art of Shane Glines and Katie Rice, at the first time their art helps me to make my drawings better. I had many problems with the faces and the legs, I think today I do better, but I don’t think that its perfect. But I’ll give my best.

This is from a stupid TV commercial. I tried to draw the women in this spot.


Renaissance said...

These are some very good art! I am an artist too, just happened to pop by.

I'm a digital artist, you can check my website out nyjoriworks


my blog simplicityinsophistication

See ya around

Chet said...

Those girl's are nice.