Saturday, September 24, 2005

From scetch to colored picture.

Here you can see, how some of my scetches became into colored pictures. When I make some scetches or doodlings often it happens I want to make a colored drawing from this. Sometimes I also color the doodes in my scetchbook, but its not good because the paper in the book are cheap and the colors of the markers print through.

Most of my scetchbooks are a deposit for my mad ideas. Beside this I use these books also as an organizer and for shortstory's.

This sketch is quite ugly. I made many different changes at the final colored pic.
It looks really strange :)

Here I like the face expression and the hair more than in the colored pic ...


Rosa Benito said...

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robi-wan-kenobi said...

verdammt ,verdammt deine sachen sind so saugeil ich könnt heulen ! hab dein blog durch zufall gefunden.ich mail dir nachher mal per email- ist so einiges passiert-nunja... :D


robi-wan-kenobi said...
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