Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Convention 2006 in Leipzig

Thought I put some photos of me and the convention on my blog. That´s me.... -.-
(I hate my skin!>.<) Me and many other talented artist had show our art to the people, answer questions,draw pictures and sell some of our selfcreated Comics or Mangas. I was one of very few artists who show Comic/Cartoon-art. The most people here likes Manga/Anime, so its hard to get some interests of these people. I painted Mangacharacters too, with the hope to get a job in a Comiccompany or a Animationstudio. But I had no fun and ideas to draw Mangastuff, last summer I began to draw Comiccharacters again, and it make fun! To all the people who read that: Do that what makes you happy, don´t do things you hate to impress other people!
Its very hard to get here in Germany a job as professional artist (especially in this time where everyone wants Mangastuff :/), so I give my best to get better and better.

Here you can see how many people we are! To many artists and not so many places. XD Everyone here have the hope that someone like that what we draw and take him as professional artist. We all work hard for the success. But each one had fun at these days!

Special guest this year was Bill Morrison ( Simpsons!)! I believe it was one of the best conventions ever!

Me again.....
At last I want to thank everyone who helped and still help me! Without you I´m nothing!

An alle die mir geholfen haben und mir stets zur Seite stehen, VIELEN DANK!!! :D

(hope I made not so much mistakes in the sentences...)


SteveLambe said...

Looks like it was a really fun comicon. I didnt know Manga was so huge in Germany.

Were you selling any artwork or sketchbooks, Stefanie?

P.S. Thanks for the breakdown on how you use your markers. I'll have to try that out.

Trevor Pitt said...

Was ist los?
I love your artwork Stefanie. You have an excellent sense of color and design. Your girl drawings are fantastic! I really like all of the dog drawings too. Did you use colored pencil on those? Your caricatures are really good as well. Keep up the great work and before long you'll have that job you're after!

I would try and write a bit more in German, but I haven't written it in years, so I don't want to confuse you or myself for that matter.



PS: Thanks for showing everyone the cute lady behind all of the great artwork. ;)

Arschblog said...

Steve Lambe: I think to many people in germany forget how great classic cartoons are and they have no interest to see it (especially the young people). There are not many animes or mangas I like, the most of it are very stiff and lifeless.
Good to know that I could help, can´t wait to see your Copicart!
I sold some photocards of my art. I have many sketchbooks (about 50) but I ´ll never sell one of these. Maybe I swap a sketchbook with other artists sketchbook or I give it a very good friend.
Trevor Pitt:That´s very nice that you want to write your comment in german! ^-^
I still try to get better in english.
Yes, I used colored pencils for the dogs. I don´t like my caricatures, because they could be better.

Howard Shum said...

You have some really cool art on your blog!

Gabriel said...

Why that kind of stuff never happens around here??
Anyway, just stopping to praise your work and say hi. Hi!

benj said...

it looks like FUN!!!!!

boob said...

Wow - the convention looked exhausting but fun!

You have a very strong sense of design and color. I hope you're not too hard on yourself because I really like your work.

It's interesting to hear/see what conventions are like in Germany. And you know what? I actually live by the advice you gave: "Do that what makes you happy, don´t do things you hate to impress other people" It's really if you want to have fun doing art.

I know that Steve fella that posted earlier and maybe he'll pass along any marker pointers you've shared :)

Really great stuff though. I'll stop back again!

machinelf said...

Thanks for sharing, you are gorgeous!

kookiejar said...

hey...... been out of touch off late....... but good to see you at leipzig..... it has a special memory for me...... my school film was selected to be screened there..... never managed to be present though.....

the girls down there are great too...... keep drawing n being cute!!

Gary Ham said...

Looks like a pretty good convention you have over there! Despite all the Manga fans. I was in Germany during Christmas and stopped in at a comic shop in frankfurt. They had an entire upstairs devoted to MANGA! ANd that's seemed to be where most of the shoppers were. I don't get Manga myself. I had a character design job once and after about 2 days into it the art director asked me to go with a Manga approach. I dropped the job that night!

One thing that I LOVED about German comics though, were your comic book covers actually matched that of the interior art work and your artists are alot more detailed. Just gorgeous work! I think I spent about $200 on comics to lug back.

PS, your English reads fine.

JoelJarrard said...

I love girls that are cute AND talented. Double whammy. Keep it up.

Rachel said...

Cute :)

Mitch K said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, you have beautiful skin! You're really cute!

You have awesome art skills! I love your paintings! Good luck trying to find a great art-job, I think you can do it! You'rea a great artist!

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