Thursday, June 08, 2006

Girls from 2005:

Before I go into holidays, I want to show you some older pictures from last year. There are many mistakes in the proportions (legs to long, bad face, ugly colours, fat ass...), please say me what kind of progress I do(or not) in my new pictures (look at my new stuff).
You can see that I love the art of Shane Glines and Lynne Naylor, they are amazing!

If you have some interest to see some of my sketches, please look at my second blog "Grillhouse". :) Its my official sketchblog now.

I wish everyone nice Holidays!


Howard Shum said...

These look cool to me! I especially like the colors. I do see good progress in your newer work.

kp said...

These are great. The progress I see is that there is more of a "flow" in your current drawings. I also think there isn's as much anime-looking styles to the faces now. Also while one can still tell which other artists have influenced your work, your own style is coming out a lot stronger than it did in certain older drawings. I'm *still* having a hard time making a half-decent drawing!

Great stuff, you keep getting better all the time!

Goro said...

these are some lovely designs! Great work! The colors are awesome

Gillian said...


your awesome! I think I may worship you now...

Scott Wright said...

Love these.

Great blog.

El leo said...

your drawings are too sexy, i dont really know how to express it in english. sorry.

great work, i'm gonna come back soon to se more, thanx!
greetinz from venezuela.

z0mbi said...

Absolutely...GORGEOUS. Blown away. I love you.

kookiejar said...

great girls!! ;p

Brian P. Stone said...

I LOVE them. Is that okay for me to say? I think your work is fantastic.

Shawn said...

Wow! I just looked at all your posts! Nice blog! I love your artwork!

heri said...

every single one of them I love.
let's trade sketches. :)


robi-wan-kenobi said...

oh man wie geil.sag bitte nie wieder deine zeichnungen sehen schlecht aus.richtig richtig cool.fantastische girls.stört es jemanden das ich deutsch schreibe lalala

ok now in english.i love all of your drawings.never try manga again - you are so perfect in your own style!!!

meld dich mal wieder ;) das forum vermisst dich :)

CORKY said...

Hello Steffi! It was awesome meeting you! I hope we can hang out more in the two weeks you're down here!

Your art is amazing and I really believe you surpass any art school!


Brutus said...

Excellent work Stefanie!
I love it all!
keep posting

Arschblog said...

HowardShum,Katrina,goro,gillian,Scott Wright,Zombie,kookiejar, Brian P. Stone, shawn, heri,brutus = Thank you that you like my stuff so much! :D

el leo:Thanks! Your english is good!

Rob: Es freut mich sehr das Dir meine Bilder gefallen! Falls es hier jemanden stoert das man hier in Deutsch schreibt, werde ich sauer! >:-) Hast Du die e-mail bekommen?

Corky: Thanks! I'm happy when I see you again! :D You are a great artist, I'll link your blog in the next time.

Brutus said...

Thanks for visiting my blog stefanie!

fabiopower said...

how good drawings! I do not have very good technique, but also i am drawer. I am awesomed with your illustrations, I like it!Sorry by my English, but my natural language is the Spanish.
you are animator? what technical or pencils you use to obtain the line of your drawings? if you could respond these questions to me, I will be very happy! Greetings from Chile, th end of the world..
pass auch dich auf
du bist gut!

fabiopower said...

you me can recommend pencils? you how obtain the digital color in the line of the draw ?

du ich kannst Bleistifte empfehlen? du, wie die digitale Farbe in der Linie des abgehobenen Betrages beschaffen?

Arschblog said...

Hello Fabio!
Thanks for your comment!:)
Your english is good!
No, I'm not a animatior, it's still a hobby, but I hope one day that I get a job as animator. I'll work on it.
It's hard to explain...
I use the pencil(Bleistift) and do a sketch of the picture. I think the 2B pencils are good.
Then I use the Markers(the Copic-markers are the best!). I start with the brightest color, then the darkest colors. It's like painting for me and I must be very careful, when I do a mistake that would be bad!
I don't use any computers, all my drawings are handmade.
Many people ask how I do my pictures, I shoud start a Copic-workshop on my blog.

fabiopower said...

Hello Steffi! I am very I content because you it give an answer me! you are very generous ! And I understood all your great advice. Your good technique of drawing is really incredible. Amazing. I am an insistent boy, because I even have some doubts: In addition to your COPIC Marker: You play a special paper, like the Bristol board, for example? Lamentably in my country it is not mark COPIC…! grrr! but there`s another of name YOKEN. ..I hope that that serves me to begin ... I like very much your borderline and your "retro" look, because i also i make it.
I hope that we can to maintain to us in contact
kisses, greetings from the end of the world!

Dapper Dan said...

Yeah these are great studies. You're own style will evolve from these for sure. Kudos and a hat tip

dizzlesauce said...

hallo...found your page thru a link from a friends blog...I love your design style and color palette ! Im trying to draw more females but its quite hard...your work has motivated me to keep trying !! beautiful work...keep it up !! peace

kyle B said...

i love your style

R2K said...

: )

C.Bryant said...

Beautiful work, congratulations… I have put Link in Perejilpuntocom.

Greetings :)

Nando said...




crylic said...

oh man, these girls are great...inspiring for sure!


kend said...


Arschblog said...

Hey guys! Thank you so much for all the nice comments!!! :)

Cartoonretro said...

Wow, great fun drawings.