Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hello Guys! I´m back ( since a long time...)!

I made a trip to Canada (Ottawa), I was there for one month. I was visiting Mike and Mary Lou (John´s parents), they let me live in their house(Thank you so much!).

I met my biggest star John K.! I had a great time with him , he train me to be a better artist. I never thought that I have the chance to meet him, because I live so far away from USA and Canada.

Tom, Me, John and Chris.

Here are some drawings what John did for me!

Look at his blog !

Another star: Mike Kerr!

This is Jose! He is one of the artist who had worked on the new Ren and Stimpy episodes, he have some guest roles in the new episodes. He is fantastic!!!
Take a look at his great blog!

This are Coral and I in a toystore! Coral is a very talented artist ( take a look at her blog" Corky") too, I´ll upload some of the pictures she did for me, at the blog.
Mike and I!

This is Mikes basement, it´s like a gallery insite! You can see original drawings all kind. I made more photos, but the most of them looks bad T-T .

This was the best time in my life! Everyone were so nice to me and gave me so much! Thank you!!!:D :D :D

I have lots more photos and artwork what I want upload later, and you can read the whole story about my trip. I can´t upload so much because the Computers here are to slow and I don´t have many time, I´ll start a new blog where I upload all the pictures.


Ryan G. said...

Hey Steffi! I recently posted a charicature of John K. that I did about a month ago on my blog. I really havent seen many charicatures of John. Well, Mike K. emailed me and said that you have lots of charicatures of John from when you stayed with them. I would love to see them if you have more time to post. Its great to see you back Steffi!

Arschblog said...

Thanks for writing me!
Yes, I saw your drawing, it looks great! :D I like your other drawings too!
I made some drawings of John in cartoonstyle as I was in Canada, I made one for John and the other drawings got his parents. Maybe I´ll make another John caricature what I post at my blog.
John gave me many drawings, I´ll post them later, I hope you can wait. :)

Ryan G. said...

Hey again Steffi! Yeah, I cant wait for you to post your drawings! I love your style..See you..Ryan

Howard Shum said...

I met John K. last night and got a drawing from him. He seems pretty cool.

Pedro Vargas said...

That's so cool! It must've been one hell of an experience for you. Canada looks very beautiful too.


fabiopower said...

Hallo sind Steefiiii, greats Nachrichten, die du hast! Ich hoffe, daß du zu mir dich erinnerst, ich habe geschrieben dir vorher… Ich hoffe, daß du uns deine ganze Geschichte erklären kannst! z.B.: Wie weißt du zu John K? du gingst, ihn besonders zu sehen? Große Fotos! Incre�dible Erfahrung! Entschuldigungen durch meine grundlegende Sprache

fabiopower said...

Hello Steefiiii, are greats news you have! I hope that you remember to me, I have written to you before… I hope you can tell us all your history! for example: How do you know to John K? you went to specially see to he? Great photos! Incre�dible experience! Excuses by my basic language

Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said...

Wow! I'm jealous of you, you lucky schmuck! It's awesome that John K and his family are so friendly.

Did you guys talk alot before you went down or did you just say "Hey John, can I come over?"?

benj said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of fun :)
Lucky you! Can't wait to see more of your drawings and John's

rex said...


Hammerson said...

Welcome back, Steffi! Looks like you had a great time in Ottawa visiting John K. (who is my hero too) and his family. I remember your artwork from MOTLOS forum, and it's great to find it again on your blog. Wonderful stuff, especially various girl drawings and the cereal boxes. Very impressive animal portraits too... you're truly a versatile artist. I hope you'll continue to update the blog with the new artwork. Please take a look at my blog when you have time. I would like to hear your comment or opinion.

Arschblog said...

Ryan G.: I´ll draw a picture extra for you. I have many old John K. drawings, but since I met the master in person, I see all the mistakes I did in the old drawings.

Howard Shum: Yes, he is very nice! :)
Please post your drawing what you got on your blog!
Ps: Sorry because the Simpsons drawings! I didn´t had the time to draw some, I´ll do some when I´m moved.

fabiopower(I didn´t forget you :)), Pietro Vargas and Josh: I was planning the travel since the last year and I was very excited as the journey was starting!
Yes they are very friendly, I miss them a lot! I know John´s parents since a long time, John starts to e-mail me later (I think it was the time as I start my blog), I wish he would write me more often.
Mike had ask John whether he wants to come to Canada in the time when I come. I had luck, big luck, because John is very busy. If you want to do a travel, but you don´t know in which country? Come to Canada! It´s so beautiful there and the people are friendly, I wouldn´t go back to Germany! T-T

Hammerson: Thanks that you like my art! :) Do you was a member by Motlos? When yes, what was your Username? I was and I´m still "D-Reaper".

Benj and rex: Thanks, I´ll post more later! :)

fabiopower said...

You are always so pretty… Thanks for your answers!

Hammerson said...

>> Hammerson: Thanks that you like my art! :) Do you was a member by Motlos? When yes, what was your Username? I was and I´m still "D-Reaper". <<

Yes, I was a Motlos member. My username was Kowalski.
I'm truly impressed with your art. From what I understand, many of these pictures are colored with markers? That's amazing, I've never seen someone getting similar results with markers. Can't wait to see the new stuff. And you should also do the caricatures more often. These examples you posted last year look great.
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Ryan G. said...

Hey Steffi! Wow! An extra picture for me! That would be great! Ill have to draw you one too. Ill link you to my blog as well... See Ya Steffi.

Sam said...

wow that must have been fun!

David Germain said...

You met John K. in his home town of Ottawa? Cool. My brother-in-law grew up in Ottawa and never even bumped into John K. once.

I've only had conversations online with him through his blog myself. Maybe I'll meet him face to face someday.

kookiejar said...

Hi! good to see you back! Great pics...... proof enough that you had a rocking time there! :)

Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said...

Cool. How did you meet John's parents?

Arschblog said...

Thanks Fabiopower! :)

Hammerson: Yes I can remember you! You write to me when I post R&S fanarts. Maybe I´ll upload new caricatures at my sketchblog. I love these markers, they are the best!

Hey Ryan!Look at my newest blog! ;)

Sam: Yes!

David Germain: I ´m sure you will meet him one day, I never thought that I have the luck to meet him , because I live in Germany.


Josh: It´s a funny story: Mike K. made a contest at Motlos where you could win a original drawing from John K.(three people could win one) when you send some good stamps. Many members wrote that they have many stamps which they can send, I was angry because I didn´t had any stamp collection at home. I really want a drawing from John (because he never come to Germany), so I ask everyone I know for stamps and at least I change a bicycle(I had two) for stamps. As I had enough stamps, I send them to John´s parents, but I thought I didn´t have any chance, because I always thought that they get many stamps from other members. But I had luck, I won a original drawing from John in color! I was so happy! Mike told me that only two members (a girl from USA and I) send stamps. Since then we are in contact. :)

Todd Kauffman said...

WOW - looks like you had an amazing time.

CORKY said...

Heya Steffi! I love all thes epictures!

I hope you had such an awesome time down here over the summer!