Sunday, January 14, 2007


A employment company wants a selfcreated mascot from me. I did some sketches and the boss was amazed and gave me the chance to draw more of these guys (sorry for the bad quality. Stupid scanner!):

The outlines and ideas are from me, the coloration did someone else.

I know it don´t look "big", but I´m really happy that I got this order and I hope that I can sell more art stuff!

Do you want to see more? Look here (german language)!

Für jeden der zufällig mal hier vorbei kommt und auf Jobsuche ist der sollte mal bei Interjob vorbei schauen!


Shawn said...

Wow! You are a great cartoonist! I like the art on this post and all your previous posts! Very inspiring!

Rich Tomlinson said...

You do nice work, there's no reason you should'nt sell more art.
Congratulations on the job.

Ryan G. said...

wow Steffi!.. I wish they would have let you color them though.

xtracrsP said...

That character looks slick-I bet they loved it. I see you added some roll ups to the end of his trousers in the coloured version, and it works. Also the cap in the coloured one has more dimension to it, and the peak of the cap is facing up which gives it more optimism!

You added paint splashes on his pants in a very dubious place-you naughty minx! If it weren't coloured purple it would be scandalous...HAW HAW!

But I prefer the shoes in the black and white version-steel toe capped and sensible workman's shoes. In the coloured one he has fancy shoes for going out dancing! Maybe he was out all night and didn't have time to change before work. Or have a shower...

Is it for an employment agency that deals with mainly painters? Because I think the black and white one is less specific to one area of work than the coloured version.

Yes, that monkey is Super cute-but It's not mine! I had to make a post saying so, because I used another of his animations as my profile picture and people were thinking that I had created it. You can see more of the artist pixels work here if you like--> Derek`s Pixels. If you do go to that link, you should also view his other stuff-nice paintings and cartoons galore!

Howard Shum said...

Good job, Stef!

sink sink socks said...

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Arschblog said...

Thanks for your nice comments, Shawn,Rich,Ryan,Howard!!! And thanks for the link,Xtracrsp! This is a great website! I think the boss did the paintings.

I´ll work harder to make better artwork and hope I can sell more stuff!

sink sink socks: I don´t need that sex-shit what you post here!

David Germain said...

Congrats! With your talent I know you'll have many more paying jobs with your art in the future.

Oh, and there's no point in lecture that sink socks character. It's just a spamming robot who attatches itself to people's blogs much the same way leeches clamp onto you whenever you swim in dirty water. ;)

david gemmill said...

awesome! nice design and nice inking as usual. keep up the great work! :O)

Arschblog said...

Thanks David Germain! I hope that I have more chances to sell art and thanks for the info, when sink sink socks make another stupid post I'll ignore him.

Thank you, David Gemmill!:)

benj said...

really nice design:D
You draw really well!!!