Tuesday, April 03, 2007



Pat McMicheal said...

Awesome.....You are SOOOOO damn good!
I hope you get to stay longer and get a job as an animator or artist.
Also, Happy Birthday to you!
alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Creativo said...

holla Arsch, quiciera intercambiar linck con tigo que te parace. my blog es soloviviendo.blogspot.com
If you want interchang ours lincks

shaggy said...

Very cute. I like her.

Ryan G. said...

Awesome Steffi! By the way, I also love your avatar picture.. Meat eater..

Arschblog said...

Hi Patrick! Today is not my B-day...^-^", you must wait till the next Friday, but Thanks!
I hope too!

Thanks for the nice words, Creativo, Shaggy and Ryan!:)

Justin said...

Love your marker work on this, it is wonderful. Beautiful fluidity in your lines as well :)