Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pokemon Fanart:

Yes, I'm sick but i love to play this game and I can't wait to play the new versions(Diamond & Pearl)!=)
Here are drawings of some of my favourite Pokemon, I did them last year:

Unfinished, sorry!^-^


Howard Shum said...

Nice looking art, Stef!

Hammerson said...

I'm not a Pokemon fan, but these are really fine drawings. The third one (yinyang) is my favorite, I love the color scheme you used on it. Great stuff Steffi, as always.

Pat McMicheal said...

I like Blastoice ( turtle)- Jesse and James! I always wanted Brock to get some action from nurse Joy!!!
Great Drawings Steffanie!

Phillip Skeen said...


Amazing work. You clearly have spent a lot of time on mastering your craft. How do you find the time to sit and draw or paint? What is your favorite medium? Who is your greatest influence?

Phillip Skeen (cartoonist, musician)

David Germain said...

I remember you saying that the colours always change for you somehow. Do you save them as RGB or CMYK? I ask because I learned the hard way that when I put a CMYK picture onto blogger the colours go through a very drastic change.

Like in the Canada Day post I did last summer. Those beavers were coloured brown and yet on blogger they came out blue. I know now that it being CMYK was the culprit.

That might be you problem, or it might not. It's just a suggestion. Take care and keep on doin' yer thang.

crsP said...

Nice glow on the yingyang. In the larger version the technique is given away, but in the small version it really has the impression of neon. Interesting that you chose to do the 'graphical' elements without a computer, or compass-circles are hard! You got away with it though it's more obvious on the larger pic. Are you fearful of submitting drawings without backgrounds now that I hang around here? Like a tramp. with holes in the toes of his socks. And social issues. ;OP

Arschblog said...

Howard, Hammerson: Thank you!!!:D

Pat: Thanks!:)
I'm not a fan of the Anime, I only play the game.:)

Hi Phillip: Thanks that you like this!

"How do you find the time to sit and draw or paint?"

In each minute when I'm not working, sleeping or eating, I do the most drawings at night.

"What is your favorite medium?"

Copic Markers and black Fineliners!=)

"Who is your greatest influence?"

I have millions of influences, here are the biggest:
Tex Avery, John K.(Spumco), Lynne Naylor and Yukito Kishiro

Thanks for the advise David!:) Scanner and Computer always do funny things(the most of them are bad)!^.^

Crsp: I don't have many ideas to draw backgrounds. I'm not perfect because I use a compass circle for that one picture.