Saturday, January 27, 2007

New and old Ren & Stimpy Fanart

Only for you; my very first R&S drawing!
I did it after I saw the very first time R&S. This drawing is in the last white page from a book(with horse stories), I did this drawing out of my head(remembering), that's the reason why it looks so silly and funny!XD
It was the start of beeing a fan of R&S.

from 94
from 96
from 97
from 99 or 2000(I don't know, I made lots of R&S drawings)

from 2006(I want to upload these in 2006 but there were too much other things to do, sorry)

Ren & Stimpy and their dad

I hate it when the scanner change the colors! :P

Finished drawing and sketch:

My first(and last) R&S drawing what I did completely on the computer:

R&S are still my biggest inspiration, it always make fun to draw them, I did millions of R&S drawings, R&S changed my life! =) It is one of the most funniest cartoon series in the world because it was been made to entertain people and it always make fun to watch it!

But I think it's my last upload of R&S on this blog and in the internet......

Sunday, January 14, 2007


A employment company wants a selfcreated mascot from me. I did some sketches and the boss was amazed and gave me the chance to draw more of these guys (sorry for the bad quality. Stupid scanner!):

The outlines and ideas are from me, the coloration did someone else.

I know it don´t look "big", but I´m really happy that I got this order and I hope that I can sell more art stuff!

Do you want to see more? Look here (german language)!

Für jeden der zufällig mal hier vorbei kommt und auf Jobsuche ist der sollte mal bei Interjob vorbei schauen!