Thursday, January 10, 2008

I want new (Copic)Markers!!!

More tests on Photoshop, Gantz characters in cartoon style:

This is done with markers but I fix her leg a little bit in Photoshop because I messed it up!XP

Original design from the anime(Sadako, Sei(or Hijiri)and Kishimoto):
Kitsune(another character in Gantz) in Photoshop:
And one with Markers:

Sorry for posting more Gantz stuff, but this Manga inspires me a lot!^-^

Sorry that I post so late, I was so busy, right now I'm working on some new stuff!


Jack said...

Simply brilliant. Great job as usual.

Pat McMicheal said...

Steffanie, I like the TOP girl, only there isn't a link to the larger version! I would love to see that one larger.
Are you still in Canada working?

dedmonky said...

Great job steffi.
How are things. Happy New Year

benj said...

Great drawings Stefanie!
The girl done with markers is my favorite!!!!

PARKER.- said...

I have to say that I do not be tired to see your staff!

Katie said...

That first drawing is really cool! Normally I'm only interested in funny/stupid mangas, but all these posts make me want to look up Gantz and see if I like it! Your drawings of the characters are really nice!!

How do you like Canada? I want to move there eventually too! :D

p.maestro said...

wow, how do you keep 3 blogs updated, i can hardly hold one! nice work, are you still in town? will you be coming to draw with the copernicus/collideascope gang? i can't believe you post anime fan art and it doesn't come across as lame! good job!

Howard Shum said...

Good stuff, Stefanie!

Anonymous said...

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Guillaume said...

Woah Steffi, you're really getting good with photoshop, those look awesome! Did you do the inking in photoshop or by hand? Anyway, I hope you're doing good, see ya :D

Jay D Smith said...


Arschblog said...

Jack, Benj, Parker, Howard, Jay: Thanks for the nice words!:D

Patrick: I like her too! I'll post it on my other blog(Anstalt) again + some extras!:)
Yes, and it seems that I stay another year!:)

Jose: Thanks!!! I'm fine and I have fun working! How are you?

Katie: Thank you!:D I hope you enjoy Gantz! I LOVE Canada!!!!!

Gillaume: Thanks, and it starts to make FUN! But I still like my markers!XD The Inking was done in Flash.

Maestro: I'm still here!
It's not really Anime/Manga art that I post(only the pic of the original designs), my drawings are still in a cartoon style(I hope)...@-@

A question to everyone: Why do the most people here don't like Anime and Manga stuff? Where is the problem?

In Germany it is completely the opposite; Manga and Anime are popular, but Cartoons and Comics are not.

I enjoy both!:D

Jim Smith said...

Great stuff Steffi. The Chestaclese comic will be out in Feb. The third issue will have a story about Chestaclese loose in the Harem and those drawings you sent are great. I will use them as models if you ok it.

R.A. MacNeil said...

Awesome post Steffi. I'm glad you posted a big version of the first girl, she's my favorite.


Arschblog said...

Thanks! Jim!!!
I'm very happy that you like my drawings and it's an honour that you use my drawings for your comic! You are one of my biggest artistic heroes!:D

Ryan: I like Sadako too, she is so cute! Thank you!!!

Alexei Martins said...

AWESOME work!!!!Love the marker
Kishimoto big tits drawing!:D
Every time i visit your blog, it makes me crazy to draw up some Gantz stuff!!!And I'll...I promise!:)

Alexei Martins said...

PS:I love Sadako!!

Arschblog said...

THANKS, Alexei!!!:D

I want to see your Gantz drawings!!!