Friday, January 25, 2008

More girly pictures:

I keep training on Photoshop:

These are with Markers colored sketches:

The last picture was supposed to be a Gantz character ....... but it failed!^///^
I was inspired by Katie Rice's artwork as I did these drawings!
Her Girl drawings are amazing!!!


Trevour said...

All of these are great! :-)

That first one is spectacular considering it was all done in Photoshop! Good digital brushworkin'.

Howard Shum said...

Good as usual Stefanie!

Jay D Smith said...

i really like the last one!

fab design!!


David Germain said...

That last one looks like Bjork. I also like that first one. It kind of looks like someone's giving birth to an adult female in outerspace from the uterus' point of view. Is that what it is?

Ric Tomlinson said...

Ugg! photoshop is so much fun and at the same time frustrating!.. but it still rocks .. your pshop work looks great stef... keep at it! ....I really like the last girl, cute!

Hammerson said...

Awesome update, just like the previous one! Your digital artwork is every bit as masterful as your marker drawings, and you found a really nice style and technique with Photoshop.
The toothbrush girl makes me laugh!
The last one... maybe you failed to draw a Gantz character, but you made a terrific Bjork caricature.

The top drawing goes straight to my desktop :)
And the girl on that drawing looks just like you :)

Tony Mitchell said...

steff your just too your work!

PARKER.- said...

Excelent gals, babe!
I like the blond one!

I hope you be good in your work and in your life.


Alexei Martins said...

Cool!!!!Love the Björk drawing!!Wooo!


Katie said...

Wow, nice color treatment on the second drawing! The hair on the last drawing is cool too...beautiful drawings as always! :D

Justin said...

STEFFI! these are wonderful! It's inspiring to see that you have these great relationships with these characters.. how's my plant doing?

Mitch Leeuwe said...

Damn you can draw! Im jealous :p
Nice photoshop stuff, hope to see more!

CORKY said...

OMFG I adore the little girl brushing her teeth!
She looks insane with frawesome colors!

Man we both need new Copics huh???

Also I'll try to send you stuff when I'm not 800% forever busy with school and it's ass-hattery D8

crsP said...

It is interesting that 'Toothbrushgirl' is brushing her teeth, because her pose makes it look like her body is a squirt of toothpaste from a tube. Was that intentional?

I don't agree that the last one looks like Björk. Controversial. HAHAHA
Oh, and it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to place that Umlaut. You people better be impressed, or I've just wasted a part of my life for NOTHING!!!

Arschblog said...

Crsp: I know...but I didn't plan to draw her...!XD Thanks!!!

Everyone else: Thanks for the nice words! I'm glad you like my work from Photoshop and the sketches! :D