Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A brandnew day
More I-tunes images crap(sorry 4 the bad quality!):

And something I drew with markers! I don't like the skin colors, but that's the best I could do because there are not many markers left.T_T

And heeere is something I did last year, but I was too lazy to post it on Youtube...=_=

Please, tell me what you think! Be mean to me, as long it helps me!=)

Gantz was created by Hiroya Oku


Hryma said...

Seriously lol! that was a cracker animation, funny stuff, loved it!!!
And such different anime styles, very nice, especially gggirl I dig that design.

Arschblog said...


Ryan G. said...

That animation is great!

Mitch K said...

mehingantz Is really really cool! Did you use photoshop? What kind of brush did you use?

ryan said...

hahahaha really cool leg biting animation!!

Justin said...

That Screenshot is such a powerful scene. I think I'm gonna cry. Still miss you. that leg gnawing animation is SO funny good, it's not even funny.

Jay D Smith said...


crsP said...

Your pixel work is coming along fine! Do you use the line tool in Photoshop or the art program you made this in? I ask because some of the lines have a few pixels that pop in and out of the main flow. I don't know if you remember that guy's tutorial on pixel art I posted some time ago, but it has good methods for avoiding this jaggedness. Anyway, on another note, I like the line of action and thought it was a cute girl. But that was before I noticed the hands clenching firmly her boner. I don't want no more of the crying game!

crsP said...

That gantzguy one looks like he's thinking to himself "what on earth possessed me to buy this Zune! Look at it, it's MASSIVE - I could live in that thing!!!" Nice jacket too.

You in gantz is awesome. And I wish I didn't have to use awesome. The drawing is aggressively happy! And surrounded by the blood of your latest victim.

Those chubby chibis need to stop staring into my soul!!! Hairs are well rendered.

Who's that gantz guy done with markers? Is it Bobby Brown? ...everybody out there, don't talk less about me, 'cause I'm rocking it steady. and when I'm on the mic don't you dare call me Freddy...

crsP said...

With regards to the animation, I think it's done quite well. I love the fact that you have his head twisting and turning in three dimensions - it could have easily [and lazily] have been done the now standard way of mouth opening and closing whilst moving along the x axis, with some bobbing in the y axis.

One stand out issue for me though is his body. There's no movement or reaction as he chomps down on his own leg! It takes away some of the impact. Also his left foot feels a little too jittery in it's movement.
If you had shown me a drawing of this action before you started animation [and I'm not saying you should have! Just hypothetical], I would have suggested that you have his right hand hold his left foot and his left hand hold his left knee, because I like how you've composed him and the composition suggests to me that he's eating a giant corn on the cob or turkey drumstick!
That way the foot will have less manic action as it's being held, and you could introduce more movement in the hands. So the body wouldn't look so stilted. His right leg could also be placed lower to the ground and you'd have a good flow going from his right arm into his left leg and curving into his right leg. Although that might work better with how you've done the leg now. Not sure, but if it's on the ground, the lack of movement would be less noticeable and feel more natural.

Anyway that suggestion could only have been made after I've seen this. So don't read this as 'this is how you should have done it'.

Oh, and I was going to suggest that the background should fade sharply to a bleached out version when he chomps [as a indication of the pain], but that might need to come with a health warning for viewers!

Deemo said...

Hey thanks for the comment I really like your art also. I have to say I never know who Gantz was ,but now I know after googling him to find out even more, ill have to watch it some time.

Pat McMicheal said...

Ich hoffe, Sie tun gut. Ich überprüfen Sie Ihre Blog-Alltag der Suche nach weiteren wunderbaren Kunstwerke! Sie sind nach wie vor einer meiner Favoriten.
Wie ist mein Deutsch?

Tony Mitchell said...

Well steff your work is all super... but the one that jumps out at me is that red heads eyes incredible stuff. inspirational work !!!

elephantmarchblog said...

Awesome designs, nice variety too.

benj said...

Great stuff as usual.
The animation is so funny!

Pedro Vargas said...

Goddamn these are great! Really neat and hilarious stuff! I really like the biting animation of the Gantz character. It's got some funny movement. I like that last picture before the animation the most. You have a really funny take with these characters!

Hey, I know it's been a while but you asked if I used the brush tool in flash and yes I do. I use it for clean up. I do it really slow, but quick at the same time, so the lines can come out smooth.

PCUnfunny said...

Terrific animation and neat drawins !

Anonymous said...

that video of hungry katou is very nice, so funny, and the others works are too very good, like always =)

Arschblog said...

Mitch: I did the Outlines in Flash(cuz I suck in Photoshop)and all the coloring in Photoshop.;)
It's hard to explain which brush it was, I use many different brushes because I want that it looks not so artificial.XD

Justin: Thanks!:D I miss you too!!!
It's a really touching scene and unfortunately something really sad happens after that scene!:_(

Crsp: Thank you!!! And I did more pixelstuff!^^
This one is done in Paint(effects in Photoshop), but my newest one in Photoshop, because I just found out how to make it!XD

Hahahahaha!!!XD Thanks! I like his jacket too! I want one!=)

This drawing shows how happy I am with Gantz! Especially when the new chapters come out!=)

It's not Bobby Brown, it's Kaze!XD

Animation: I planed to do some movement in his body and arms, but I thought it would be too crazy at the end. I want to have the attention on his biting. The only thing I should add is some spit that flies away while he is biting.^^
And I see more things I'd like to change, but this animation is so old that it's not worth it.:/
But a newer animation is on the way.=) Thanks for your advice!!!

And thanks for the cool videos!!!:D

Deemo: Thanks!!!:)
Better read the manga! Because they changed so much in the anime!;)

Patrick: Your german sounds good!!! And I'm happy you still like my stuff!:D

Pedro: I'm glad you like the animation!!! Gantz gives me sooo many funny ideas!XD

Thanks for your answer! I'm never 100% happy with the brush tool!u_u I often end up fixing more stuff and taking more time as when I use the linetool first and convert them later. I'm really picky!T_T
It's a pain in the ass that the clean-up takes way longer than the actual coloring.:/

Hey Tkbrain! Thank you!!! And I'm glad to see you here!!!:D

Ryan G., Ryan K., Jay, Tony, elephantmarchblog, benj, and pcunfunny: THANK YOU!!!!!!:D:D:D