Sunday, August 24, 2008


I recently found out how to make pixelstuff in Photoshop. And after this I had the urge to do lots of pixelstuff XD, I used some sketches I post before to try it out, sorry for the lame poses!!! What do you think? Do you like it?

Closeup (because I can't see the pixels anymore!) =(

No pixel: Fullversion of my avatar, I don't like it anymore! I'll make a new one.


Deemo said...

Hey thanks for the comment again. Ur stuff is looking great as always. I think I need to get some tips from you on how to use photoshop a little better.

crsP said...

Sophisticated pixel work. In fact, they look like inks in the smaller versions! I think that has to do with the resampling process the computer does when it reduces image sizes. It's a technique that is used in 3d and video where they work at twice the size and then down sample to half which leaves the edges smooth and anti-alias. Your works here remind me of 'paintings' done on the Amiga computer. I especially like the green-eyed babe stepping out of the coffin. I don't know why drawing the legs like that works, because if she were real, people would think she had elephantiasis. But it sure does works [maybe there's an adolescent quality in the shape].

In that pixel pic of the first Katou below, I can see his taint.

crsP said...

...oh, and it's good when you put some jokes in your drawings, like the Katou in pain, and the one on your other site where you've mixed up the spellings of the months. Makes it extra funny, plus we get to know who he finds dear to his heart!

Mitch K said...

HEY COOL!! Do you play old games?? I love pixels!

Gabriel said...

I think you're a superb artist and the drawings are great, but you should do them smaller. What's the point of doing pixel stuff if you'll only notice it because of the lack of antialiasing? The fun is making it obvious that you did it for the 'pixely' look.
Check out this gallery!
Don't think i'm trying to be a jerk, i really hope to see more of your efforts in that area. I'm a big fan of yours!

David Germain said...

I love that white wolf gritting his teeth. It's spooky and awesome.

ryan said...

those are some super cute girl drawings

Jay D Smith said...

great stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I loved these on Deviantart!

Arschblog said...

Deemo: Thank you!!!
Maybe later, because I don't know Photoshop that good.^__^*

CRSP: "the green-eyed babe stepping out of the coffin"


I love your comments!

Thank you! I didn't resize the images, it's the original size.:)

And I'm glad you like the little jokes I put in!:D

Mitch: That's one of the reasons why I did it, because I love old games!:3

Gabriel: Thanks for the link! There is some great art!
There are different ways or kind to make pixelstuff, I saw lots of people doing huge images, but I'll try do make smaller ones too(need avatars)!:D

Kim: Nice to see you here!!!:D

David, Ryan and Jay: Thank you so much!!!:D

Anonymous said...