Monday, September 29, 2008

Art-trades & Animashun

I'm so lazy with posts.....sorry!u_u

For: and watch the cartoon with this character here:
Now the boring stuff:

For: :3

^.....cuz I can't draw him as chibi.u_u

I cleaned up the computer and I found this:
It's from last year, I don't know what I was going to do with it. I didn't know Flash that well and there are mistakes in the suit.>.<

Now something more exciting(I hope):
A new animation I did, what do you think?:)

PS: You still can comment on my stuff, I just changed "comments" into "Pointz".
Please give meh some pointz!!!XD


MAURICIO said...

wow, a very profesional, and cute, and sexy, and i hate gantz, but this is a great job and a great stuff

Ken said...

wow great drawings! a lot of variety in style

Pat McMicheal said...

Hi Steffanie, I check your blog 5 times a day!!!! I am always happy to see NEW art! The animation is wonderful! I love the "boobs"(Brüste) effect!

Deemo said...

WOW Great stuff!!! Thanks for the comment the. The animation looks great, what am i saying your stuff always look great. When are you gonna work on a long animation?

Justin said...

OY! That animation is super great Steffi!
I also love, love the froggy-racoon.
All the best.

David Germain said...

That's some great animation. I've never seen anyone so happy to not be wearing a bra. ;)

Anonymous said...

good works like always =)
that animation is so cool too
I like so much your draw style hehe


Danne8a said...

Awesome drawings!
I am a big fan of yours!

Sean "Wanton Fezz" Worsham said...

Your animation has improved a whole lot since I remember you making seaweed and bunnies move awhile back. I would love to see you do more original characters other than spumco-ized versions of Gantz though. You got the talent to do it, so use your powers young padawan ;).

EL GRANDE said...

Great work.

Joe y Elio

david gemmill said...

awesome stuff! really nice animation! really solid and slick, nice overlap too , haahaa! Great! post more please! :)

ryan said...

Wow, this is an exceptional post. A lot of really good drawings here. I REALLY like your drawing of Makinita's character (looks like you can draw him better.. lol!). The frog suited raccoon girl is super cute and majorly appealing, and so is dancingkei1.jpg

As Tony The Tiger would say


Arschblog said...

Mauricio and Sean: I'm glad you like it! Even it's Gantz.XD
But that's where I get the most ideas now!U_U I'm obsessed!!!!!!!@_@

Patrick: Really? That makes me happy!:) I hope you like my OLD drawings too.;)

Deemo: I would like to do a short cartoon, but I need voices!
I don't want to use my voice because I sound crappy!:/

TKBrain: I have a style?'______'That's new!XD
Thank you!!!:D

Ryan: Thanks!:) Makinita's characters are amazing, it was fun to draw him!:3

Ken, Justin, David, Danne8a, El Grande and David: Thank you! =D

Hryma said...

Yow! Brilliant, real nice piece of animation, best I've seen in a long time!

Zeitwolf said...

love the jumping boobies <3

Anonymous said...

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