Sunday, November 02, 2008


I got the inspiration for this drawing from this artist !

All together:
I also filled out these Memes:
The drawings here are done directly in the computer, no sketches by hand.T_T

If you want to fill out these Memes too, get them here:
Don't forget to write the artist that you did the Meme!!!;)
Extra! For shit and giggles:

I hope you had a great Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ps: I don't know why the blog shows some images really small(even when you click on them!) and/or in bad quality!XP


David said...

I love that screaming pose! The exaggeration is so funny!

Hammerson said...

Miss Arschblog, I've got some questions about this post:

1) The girl playing with her pet spider... is it the same one from your avatar?

2) That Katou guy looks totally neurotic. What's his problem?

3) Why is that woman from the future shaking her ass and saying "Thank you"? Are all the women in the year 2200 going to have such tiny butts?

4) The Phoenix woman must be very lonely. Tell her she won't get much dates if she always goes on dressed like that.

5) What is George Liquor's cousin doing in the newspapers?

6) Why are your Memes so tiny that I can't read them?

Regarding question 6, I suggest that you upload the files again. If it doesn't work, then put them on Photobucket and add the links on this post. Let me know if you need help.

P.S. The previous post was truly eye-popping! If you have any more such gems from the past (the pre-Gantz era), don't hesitate to post them here. And don't worry, I love the latest artwork too, equally.

crsP said...

When I read about the artist you got inspiration from, I thought you meant for the first drawing. I was scratching my head wondering what was remotely similar! I get it now, phew.

With that crazyK, I remember seeing the sketch you posted. I was going to comment [or maybe I did] that if you moved those 'bolts' slightly more upwards his body, then you could have had an extra nipple visual gag for free!

What is a 'meme'? Is that some kind of German cult? Are you on drugs? Are YOU?! Come back to us dear child!!!

Deemo said...

You are simply amazing! One day hopefully I can draw this good.

ryan said...

That top drawing is cute and appealing to the max. I love it.

Howard Shum said...

Good stuff!

James said...

That bottom one is really awesome. It's like George Liquor meets Jughead.

Amir Avni said...

Neat stuff! I like the first Gantz picture (with the spider) and the Gantz model sheet best. Lots of humor and appeal :)

Howard Shum said...

Hey Stefi, I just tagged you. Go to my blog to see what I'm talking about.

Erik. said...

I dig these. I dig these quite a bit.

PCUnfunny said...

You are only artist I have ever seen that makes cute guys work in cartoony drawings !

fabiopower said...

...and when you come to Chile (Southamerica), you have a home...
you're great!

Parka said...

Great stuff! I like your character designs. Very dynamic and interesting.

Nice blog.

Anonymous said...