Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A brandnew day
More I-tunes images crap(sorry 4 the bad quality!):

And something I drew with markers! I don't like the skin colors, but that's the best I could do because there are not many markers left.T_T

And heeere is something I did last year, but I was too lazy to post it on Youtube...=_=

Please, tell me what you think! Be mean to me, as long it helps me!=)

Gantz was created by Hiroya Oku

Because I really hate my drawings of Katou(when I want to draw in the original style) and because I want to try out some colors and techniques in Photoshop, I picked some pages of the manga and colored them.

Here are the original drawings(done by Hiroya Oku and his team):
Another one! Because it's a spoiler pic, I made it smaller(will be bigger when you click on it). So if there are Gantz readers here and not in this chapter now, don't look! Unless you really want to see it!;) I tried to make a fake screen-shot!LOL

And here the original:

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Missing drawings:

They all are old, I didn't post them because the most of them were done for an artbook(that never came out) and some art for friends. I know where the mistakes are, but I hope you like them!:)
Old pics in their normal colors!

I post them again because I have a better scanner now! The old one changed the colors really bad!XP