Friday, January 16, 2009


Rem + Remmy for: =)

Moar Gantz:

Some stuff I did in the holidays. It's good to draw and color by hand again!<3

I used a reference for for the muscles to get them right:

I did tons of more sketches in the holidays!


patrick said...

dang, the chihuahuas are awesome!

Amir Avni said...

...Wow! your stuff is always inspiring Steffi :)

Katie said...

When you do crazy stuff like the muscles of the dog it's always mind blowing! It looks so hard to draw! Amazing drawings. :) I really like the girl who's bending over. OH and thanks for telling me that cool story on my blog, I love scary stories!

Tony Mitchell said... stuff steffi...really like those girl sketches too,my favorite one though, is prob the top one,it has a nice flow to the composition ,also the characters seems to be having so much fun!!!!makes me smile.

cool stuff steffi!!

Rick Roberts said...

I think I'll keep that secound pic, heh, heh.

Nicolas Martinez said...

These are as great as they were on Deviantart. My favorites are still the dg muscle study and the girls. You're top-notch. :)

Deemo said...

You are simply amazing when it comes to drawing, impressive as always!

Justin said...

Oh my goodness Steffi! So much fun. I wanna go to Achtnig World when I grow up!
much Love,

Bianca said...

These are great Steffi :D
On the 3rd image, did you do the background in water-color? It looks like it has a texture.

Can't wait to see more ^^

Arschblog said...

Patrick & Amir: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Katie: Thanks!!!
Since I was a little kid I was fascinated with things like that and for a long time I always wanted to work as vet. I did work on a farm and in a animal-hospital for a while(internship), it was amazing!:3 And thanks, I'm glad you like the story!:D

Tony: I'm happy you like these two!!!:3

Rick, Nicolas, Deemo, Justin: Thank you!!! I'm really happy you like them!!!=D

Bianca: Yes, it's done with water-colors! I thought it looks better than these crappy BGs I did in Photoshop!^-^

david gemmill said...

the buff guy is so hilarious! really nice anatomy on all of these!

Anonymous said...