Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13!!!:D

Not much to show you:

Forgotten drawing:
I did lots of caricatures, I used photos from Eddies blog. I'll post them later!=)

Tinytiny pixelthingies:


Mitch K said...

That dog is hilarious! :D

Those girls are sexy.

Nico said...

WOW your cartoon girls are so fun and cute!!!!!! I also wanted to come here to say thank you for the kind comment on my Skadi comic! you rock Stefanie!

Nico said...

p.s. I am putting you on my links list!!! it just feels so right.

James said...

That stimpy icon is so cool!

Nicolas Martinez said...

Your girl drawings are great as usual, but the Stimpy icon is full of win!!! :D

ryan said...

suit3b.jpg came out really nice colored!

Justin said...

Pretty Sweet Steffi!

LFW said...

OMG! your stuff is goddam great, I am an instant fan.

cheers to you and your work


Anonymous said...

I know I might've sent this to you on DeviantART, but just in case:

how do you get the backgrounds on your drawings (like that first Gantz pic) or this 'un ( If you do 'em in Photoshop, then do you take them from different textures or paint them yourself?

Katie said...

Whoa "suit3b" looks great!! Love the post it girl too!

Pat McMicheal said...

Love those bendy legs!!! Such beautiful lines in ALL of your drawings!

Did you get my email?

crsP said...

The nitwit number 3 is luffly. I appreciate what you did with her mammary. The way you've drawn them so they look like they are resting softly on an imaginary shelf. Carved by the finest Bavarian carpenters, no doubt. It makes her look like she is in descent, after springing into the air, also causing her surprised expression. Was that what the pose was supposed to express? Oh yea, plus I'd 'do' her.

I'm not convinced the last nitwit is pointing that gun in the right direction [typical nitwit], probably due to the direction of the perspective on the weapon. Butt is a winner though.

Your pixel work is so good, you should make games for the SNES .

c H u M b O - T e A m said...

Deine Bilder sind mal wieder grossartig =)

Dein Style rockt !!!!

Würde mich immernoch freuen wenn du die Email beantworten würdest ^^


MILLUS said...

gefällt mir
besonders die Katze (das ist doch kein Hund, oder?)


Arschblog said...

Thanks Mitch!!!!!:D

Nico: Thank you!!!!!!!=D I'm really happy that you like my stuff, you rock too!!!!!!!!!:D

James and Nicolas: Thanks! I'm glad you like the Pixel-Stimpy I love to do Pixel-stuff!!!:3

Justin, Ryan, LFW: Thanks!!!!!=)I'm happy you like it!!!

JR: I sent you a note, I hope I could help you!:3

Katie: Thank you!!! I'm happy to hear that from you!:D Your artwork is very inspiring!!!!!!=)

PatricK: I got your E-mail!;) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Crsp: I like your comments and you are right it does look like the boobs are resting on something invisible!XD If I color that, I'll fix it!:)
I didn't thought on anything when I did that drawing!XD

Thanks for the link! We actually had that game!!! I wish they would do a R&S-game for the DS but better!XD

Christian: Ich will nicht unhoeflich erscheinen, aber findest Du nicht das Du etwas aufdringlich bist? Du hast mir schon auf ettlich anderen Seiten geschrieben langsam finde ich es etwas unheimlich...
Ich war dabei bei e-mail zu antworten, aber als ich bemerkt habe dass Du ueberall bist wo ich bin und teilweise sehr ungedultig reagiert hast habe ich es sein lassen! Klar, es kann bei mir laenger dauern bis ich zurueck schreibe, aber Du must verstehen das andere Leute nicht immer Zeit haben.

Millus: Freut mich von Dir zu hoeren!!!=) Es ist ein Hund!^-^

Crisinlake said...

Ich war einfach begeistert das Jemand meinen Traum gelebt hat ^^
John K. persönlich zu treffen ist riesig und dann auch noch seinen Zeichenstil zu besitzen , klasse.

Ich schreibe von nun an nicht mehr, vielleicht habe ich es etwas übertrieben.

Lasse dich von nun an in Ruhe :P

Crisinlake said...
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Crisinlake said...
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Crisinlake said...
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Crisinlake said...
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david gemmill said...

cool! i like all the varying shapes you used in each one of the girls. I like the first on a lot, as well as the last one, her legs turned out really fun!

Anonymous said...

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