Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fokken Prawns!!!

More District 9 stuff! Sorry that I didn't update my blog for a while...

I made another one:

I hope you like it!:)


Djordje Zutkovic said...

Sweet! Great take on the prawns! I really like the one holding on to the bunny. Nice stuff!

tek! said...

amazing stuff. i love the fact that you tried out different styles.
my favs are the pink bunny one and the separate heads on orange bg.

Mitch K said...

These are fantastic!


crsP said...


Those aliens look just as amazing coloured. You sure have good artistic instincts. I mean, look at that erotically pink background Katou has surrounded himself in. Yep, you sure are a healthy PERVERT.

Those dogs will look cool on a retro-styled black velvet canvas. Maybe with a splash of turquoise framing it. Can you dig it?

I might have to give that Jinko a serious look now - that logo you made looks too awesome!

Your pixel work is cool, but needs cleaning up if it's ever going to stand a chance against Chun-Li!!!

Arschblog said...

^ Thanks a lot for your nice Comments!!!:D
It was the most fun to do the Bunny-prawn! There are so many hidden funny things in the Movie, every time I watch it I find something new!!! So the Bunny-prawn!:3 I'm happy you like him too!!!

Crsp: I think you are the one that has a perverted mind!;) I wasn't thinking on anything nasty when I did that Katou drawing!XD......hmmm...mayyybe a little bit!^///^

I'm happy you like the Prawns I did!=)

kanishk said...

Glad to see you still drawing. Everything looks great.
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Tom "Avenuewriter" said...

I love these D-9 Prawn drawings! Truly fantastic art from a truly fantastic artist! Kudos!