Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still here!:D

Sorry for the late update!

Had no time not even to do many sketches, because........

...of him!!!

Say hello to our newest family member!!!=)

Lots of things happened in his little life! Someone found him so cute that he even got stolen!!!:(

But he is back now and the thief got his punishment!

He is a good friend and brings lots of happiness in the house!!! We all love him!:3

And there was a con going on! We had lots of fun, sold lots of artwork and gave the half of it to Japan!:)
And it was great to see old friends after a long time!

Me and my baby!

We also crafted over 1000 cranes! They all will be send to Japan too! We hope it brings luck!




Chibi Janine said...

What an adorable pup love his ears.

crsP said...

I am scared of your dog for two reasons.

1) He has gamma-ray green eyes and can hulk out on you at any time.

2) We have similar hairstyles.

P.S. I see some familiar artwork of yours in the background of one of your photos, and I didn't realise they were so big - or are they enlarged prints?

Amir Avni said...

Very, very cool!

David Germain said...

What con was that? I would like to have gone. I could have sold some books there maybe.

Oh well. Congrats on your beautiful dog. I hope the dognapper's punishment was painful. >:P

Tony said...

Great work steff!!!

Arschblog said...

Chibi: I hope it stays like that!=) He is still growing!:D

Crsp: They are prints, but some of my original work is really big!:)

David: Was in my hometown(germany).

I hope too!!! Unfortunately lots of dogs get stolen these days!:(

Tony and Amir: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!:D