Monday, March 19, 2007

Look what I got!

Do you remember the drawing what Patrick did for me?
I'm so happy as he made it for me! And now I got the original drawing from him!

This is a drawing what Coral did for me! She drew us as Fairies!
Do you want to see this drawing bigger? Look at her blog!=)
And here is a picture of two nice girls!

I'm happy to get such wonderful presents, especially when they are from such talented artists like Coral and Patrick! Thank you so much!!!!!:D
Ps: Look at their blogs!


Pat McMicheal said...

Your Very Welcome Steffanie! I was glad that Coral helped get it to you! It was easier to send it to Canada than to Germany! Did you also get SodyPop? I hope Coral gave you that one as well!
I see you got a job offer from Jim Smith !!!! Awesome.
Will you stay in the USA? or Canada?
Or do you have to go back to Germany?
Maybe someday I will ask YOU to make a drawing for ME!!! I am sure you will be SUPER famous!!!

crsP said...

Watching every motion
In my foolish lover's game...

You do have talent! (no air guitar this time?)

Wow your boyfriend is feeling your wrath!

You even dress like your cartoon girls!

David Germain said...

Did Coral do that picture of those Gelflings? UGLYYYYYYY!! HIDEOUS!! GELFLIIIIIIIIINGS!!! (No the picture is not hideous. It's great actually. I was just quoting the Skekses).

Congrats on that job offer too. B)

Trevour said...

If Pat is reading this - that's GREAT! And Coral, your stuff is colorful and funny and great too! Great work to both of ya's!

Jenny said...

ha! cool drawings!

fabiopower said...

how good pair!
the photos very are very funny!
I believe that soon there will be more pleasing surprises (cartooning way) for you, Steffi!;)
your look is more blonde!
bis bald!

Arschblog said...

Hi Patrick!
I got Sody, I like how you draw her, she looks sexy!
I hope that I can stay here in Canada, I want live in USA too!:) But it's not so easy to immigrate here.:/ I believe that I have much more chances in Canada and USA to get a job as artist, in Germany there is not that much Animation and Comic business and that what they want is the Manga/Anime style, because it's "in".:(
And you have to visit an (expensive) Animation school before a studio wants to hire you.
Thanks for the nice words!:)

Crsp: Hahaha, You got me!!! Thanks for the links! I like the shoes in the last picture!^.^

David: I knew it! You are one of them! HarHar!XD
Thanks for the nice comment!

Trevour: I'm sure that they read this, thank you!:D

Jenny & Fabio: Thanks!!!:)

Hammerson said...

Patrick is an amazing artist. You're lucky to have his original drawings. Was that your birthday? If so, e-mail me your address, and I'll send some nice surprise :-)
Also I just checked out Coral's blog, and she's got really good and funny stuff there.