Friday, May 25, 2007

me ....

Actually I hate it to upload photos of me
For everyone who still don't know how I looks like(like a hamster)here are some photos(and a drawing...)....

In 2006(angry, last year):

Last weekend(19.05.07):

For everyone who want to see more; look in the older posts
Mit diesem Post Gruesse ich alle meine Freunde und Die die mich kennen
Mir geht es gut und ich vermisse Euch


Arschblog said...

For some reason blogger dont accept these characters: !
Now my post sounds lame and lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not even a bad word!!!!!!
It's a sick world!!!!!!!

Aus irgenteinen Grund akzeptiert Blogger keine Ausrufezeichen!
Was fuer ein beknackter Einfall!!!!! Ich habe nicht einmal etwas Schweiniges geschrieben!!!!

Hammerson said...

That's a great caricature self-portrait! And you look very cute when you're angry :-)
Also, that last picture must be from 1997, not 2007 :-) You're just having fun with us.

Anonymous said...

GREAT pics, and a sweet caricature!

Gabriel said...

ooo baby

David Germain said...

And you look very cute when you're angry :-)

I think she'd look cute strangling a puppy while splashing around in a sewer, or evicting all the kids from an orphanage on the coldest day in winter, or setting fire to Abe Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. (read: she's cute)

That is a nice self-caricature. Uncle Eddie had a blogpost some time ago speculating on how hard it is to do a self-caricature and yet is essential for any artist. I think Uncle Eddie would be proud of that drawing.

kookiejar said...

Hey! You ARE cute! Nice self caricature btw.

Ryan G. said...

Hey those charicatures are awesome! I like the teeth!

fabiopower said...

Hey, Steffi!
you are so cuuteeeeee!
And your caricature always have a excellent look...
get up !
kisses from the anoher side of the world, dear Stff. !

Howard Shum said...

Fun drawing, Stef! :)

Hammerson said...

>> I think she'd look cute strangling a puppy while splashing around in a sewer ... <<

:-))))) Well said!

And Steffi, I was just joking in that last remark from my previous comment. But that photo almost fooled me, because you look so different in it. Must be a combination of black & white, camera angle and hairstyle. It's a beautiful photo. Post more of them whenever you want.

Arschblog said...

Thanks guys!!!
Thanks for the comments(I didn't believe to get some on this post)!!!

Where do you know my favourite hobbies, David? I do this each sunday!
Yes, It's interesting to know what Eddie think, but I'm too shy to ask him.^.^

Hammerson: The reason why I look so "good" in the last pic is because my new haircut, the nice chair and that I was doing some changes on Photoshop(that means that I'm not beautiful in real)!

I don't believe that I'll post more photos, because I want to sell my art and not my face.
But maybe I'll post more self caricatures!:)

ryan said...

really awesome top drawing