Sunday, June 24, 2007

Background stuff:

I know; "not more Gantz Fanart!" But I like Gantz and I have so many ideas!XD


A colored (colored on PC) Sketch of Katou and his little brother:

Do you want to see more colored sketches? Look at my second blog!:)


Sean Worsham said...

Even though it's Gantz I still love it! You could do no wrong and your personality really shows in these drawings :)

Saskia said...

Mann, du bist so abgefahren ;_; Und mach bloß auch weiterhin fanart, das ist entspannung für die seele und sowas braucht man....Ach Kato T_T Wie knuffig ist das denn.
Ich mag auch die nackte Kei ziemlich gerrne, ich dachte erst es wäre Computercolo, aber dann waren es doch Copics...du hast mich an der Nase herumgeführt lol
Bitte bitte, mehr davon .D Und ich mach auchn Gantz fanart für dich :D

Jesse Oliver said...

OMG! I love your painting of the big black guy on the toilet!

He reminds me of Kowalski! I love it!

Ryan G. said...

I like the Kowolski guy too!

ryan said...

WOW stefanie these are really really great!!! the girl with the pink hair is SUPER good and i absolutely love "not4kiddies.jpg," extremely nice curves and colors - the yellow spotted background is seriously majorly awesome

fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Man, that is really well drawn anatomy! You're my hero!

G1toons said...

some amazing stuff here and funny, nice style and design

David Germain said...

Hey, if Gantz is your thing, who are we to tell you what not to draw? It's your art and your blog after all.

The naked girl pictures are my favourite for obvious reasons (because they're drawn very well. What were YOU thinking?)

Anyway, Steffani, did you see what recently happened to me and my film?

R.A. MacNeil said...

Wow! These all look great.


Treasure said...

Great style and design! I especially love the way you colored the big man on the toilet!

Howard Shum said...

Good stuff, Stefanie!

Hammerson said...

Steffi, that's a terrific update! I love all the drawings, especially "Miss Melon" (for obvious reasons :-)
What technique you used for that black "Kowalski-like" dude on the toilet? Was it made with the color pencils or markers? It's extraordinary, and looks like some background painting straight out of Ren & Stimpy. My only criticism would be the too symetrical and mirrored pose (especially the arms). It gives too rigid appearance to the character, but I guess that's exactly the effect you wanted to achieve. It's a fantastic drawing, anyway.
I also loved the live model drawings from your previous post. They are really well done, so don't hesitate to post more of them.

Arschblog said...

Sean, Jorge, G1toons, Ryan K., Ryan Macneil, Treasure and Howard: I was inspired by R&S and classic cartoons as I did these! These cartoons are my biggest influence!

Saskia: Vielen Dank!!! Ich arbeite an weiteren Gantz Fanarts =), jedoch werde ich sie nicht alle auf den (Arsch)blog hochladen.
Du kannst sie auf meinen zweiten Blog und bei Animexx bestaunen.:) Ueber ein Fanart von Dir wuerde ich mich sehr freuen!=)

Jesse, Ryan G., : By the mean guy, I really was inspired by Kowalski and by Jose's drawings!:)

David: Thanks for your comment, I like your cartoon!!!! I think everyone can draw what they want as long it is fun!XD

Hammerson: I used both, colored pencils and markers! I start with the brightest color and then I'm getting darker and I like to add different colors to make it livelier.
The guy is actually sitting in a small toilet room, there is actually a background and the door what belongs to the picture, I'll add it later.
I'll post the other model drawings on my other blog.:)

DonaldHelloStudio said...

hey, steffi! immer fleissig, was? finde die glatten dinger ausm photoshop super lebendig! und ich muss mal googlen was gantz ist... lese zuviel altbackene comics grade-alle die die keiner will green lantern und son zeugs...ähhh..ich hab bei mir mal wieder neues zeuch draufgerumst. grüsse, ralph.

Anonymous said...