Saturday, June 09, 2007

What's happening when I'm crazy:

I made this stuff in one night, it's a funny version(I tried) of Gantz and based on the original episodes(#1 and #21). I hope you like it!
Sorry for the crappy letters and drawingssss....
Extra: I tried to draw MEN:
Here is a sexy one:


Anonymous said...


crsP said...

Interesting use of the mix of English and Deutche! But I followed both stories, so good enough story flow! I especially like the panel where 'one left over alien kicks his BALLS. What I would prefer would be to see that visually too. You should have drawn them flying sideways or depict his sack being crushed - that would have really made my day!

Even though that guy getting lotion'ed up looks remarkably like a famous cartoonist, I won't suggest that it may be him. :O)

How's the animation learning going?

Justin said...

Long live Gantz, and Steffi! I love the way you laugh when you draw. see ya tomorrow!

Acetate said...

Awesome cartoon titties ! You are the best Steffi.

Clinton said...

very nice!!!

Hammerson said...
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Hammerson said...

Really funny and crazy stuff, I love it!! Is Gantz a Manga comic book? I'm not familiar with it but I must check it out. You did some wonderful Gantz fan-art in one of your previous posts.
Anyway, both stories are easy to follow and have a nice flow, also that girl in the first one has some great and funny expressions (not to mention some other qualities).
Cool men drawings too, there's a nice variety of faces and shapes. Is your preferred type of guy the one on the left, or one on the right? Just curious
Also, great new drawings at Grillhouse, very much the continuation of this post.

Sean Worsham said...

You watch too much GANTZ :)

Sean Worsham said...

Try watching the movie Paprika. If you love head trip anime I would like to see the drawings you make after watching Paprika ;)

Anonymous said...

ja richtig ich bins, kann man ja gut auf dem foto erkennen, habs deswegen mal reingestellt.
arbeite jetzt in ner drogerie. is echt blöd hier mit den Emails überlege meine frei auf die seite zu sellen, denn über den Kontakt isses irgendwie doof.
is ja cool das du wieder arbeit hast, was machst du denn da schönes?
sonst gehts mir recht gut. dacht erst das du vieleicht wieder in Kanada bist. werd auch mal nen paar bilder rein stellen, so nen bissel gekritzel
bye Diana

fabiopower said...

Hey Steffi! , your pictures are very well!
do you make comics also ?
you are brilliant.
That remembers to me that I am working in a a pair of pages of a comic for a Chilean magazine.
Next I will have the news about that, and will communicate to you…
you would like to publish something?
A hug and greetings

Arschblog said...

Jorge, Justin, Acetate & Clinton: Thanks for the comments!!! More titties and asses will come soon!;)

Crsp: I did the german words because I didn't know how to explain it in english, sorry!^.^
I really want to do a animated version of that! I can't wait to learn more!=) Your ideas with the flying balls are great!XD

Which cartoonist do you mean???

Hammerson: Gantz is Manga and Anime. I like the Manga better, but the Anime is fun to watch. If you like horror/scifi/erotic stuff you will like it, but it's hard to find the manga, you can look online.
You find some pieces of the anime on Youtube, but it's better to start with the first episode because it's a weird story!XD

I like all types of men, as long they are nice inside!:)

Sean: I can try to do some "Paprika" fanarts, but at first I have to watch it!:)

Diana: Du kannst auch ein Myspace Konto eroeffnen und die Nahrichten kann nur Du und ich lesen.
Aber hier ist es auch okay.:)
Arbeite jetzt als Trickfilmzeichner in Kanada, mein Traum ist wahr geworden!:) Das geht erstmal fuer ein Jahr, doch ich hoffe dass es verlaengert wird!
Ueber ein paar Zeichnungen von Dir wuerde ich mich freuen, falls Du nen Tip brauchst frag mich!

Fabio: This are only weird ideas and quick sketches, but now I get more and more ideas!XD But I don't want to publish any comic out of this. Thanks that you like this little drawings!:) Yes, show me your work!!!

bc3 said...

You know what's great... I don't need to read your comic to understand it! Good job!!!

scottdiggs said...

damn good! I am now a fan!

Arschblog said...

B3 and Scottdiggs: Thaaaankssss!!!:)