Monday, June 11, 2007

More crazy stuff and my first animations:

I made more weird (Gantz) comics, but it's the last time that I post it here. If you want to see more look at my other blog!:)

And now... my firt animations!
It's nothing special, but I have to learn everything from the beginning and it's starts always with something small! Actually I want to post my bouncing ball too, but Youtube didn't upload it, but in the second animation there is actually the bouncing ball, but I build the rabbit around!XD
The Seaweed was made by hand, the rabbit on Flash.
I hope that I did a good job, so please give me(especially everyone who make animation!)your opinion about that what I made! Thanks!:)


ryan said...

cool bunny hop

Sean Worsham said...

I too love the bunny hop. Try to work with an ordinary ball so you can test out timing and perspective with it too. If you can make a flat ball look 3 dimension just from how you animated it, it'll pave you towards animation greatness.

Also try to stretch the bunny as it jumps up and down. Look at the Preston Blair book as reference for ball bounces ie when the ball hits the ground it squashes. When the ball rises and lands it stretches. When it is in midair it maintains it's regular shape. You'll see what I mean when you look at the book more closely.

The seaweed is an EXCELLENT START! Now experiment with it more by making it flow in different directions. It wouldn't hurt to study flag waves later too. That's all I gotta say for now. Ooh and watch Paprika if you can ;)

crsP said...

Hello, may I call you Arschie [yep, I know what it means in English - tee hee!]?
I'm not a professional animator, although I've done some and have restarted my learning. Or will do. HAha

With the 'bunny', I think that the second impact on the floor works better than the first. To me the first one is too squashed and distorted, it makes it look like the bunny has a sharp razor face.

The seaweed one has a weird effect caused I think by your previous lines you did not erase. They look like motion blur type lines [they are more noticeable when it bends to the right]. But they form ahead of the motion, so it looks jittery. Your 'dot' is a bit shaky also, but I don't know if that's from the tracing or from the scanning. But the motion is good and flows aside from those issues.

Overall I think you've done excellently! That bunny wouldn't look out of place in a flash cartoon right now, even with the shortcoming! I see your plan is world domination over the cartoon world...

CORKY said...

WAW great stuff for a firstimer!!!

Just pay attention more to the *dot* that connects the seaweed, that's called *boiling* where it wiggles around when it shouldn't..just flip more and make sure it's on the same spot!

I LOVE THE BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

bc3 said...

Great stuff for the first time!

Jesse Oliver said...

Hi Steffi

All I can say is "WOW!!!"

Your animation looks great! I love the hopping bunny! I love the Squash & Stretch look! Your animation looks beautiful!

Keep it up!


Hammerson said...

Hey Steffi, this is really good! It looks very professional, especially considering that it's your first time. I love the bouncing bunny. Nice squash & stretch on that one, and it's a pity that video size isn't greater, and it can't be viewed frame by frame. Can you upload the Flash version? Seaweed also looks fine. You're going to become a mighty good animator, I'm sure.

kookiejar said...

Love the bunny! The first hop is a bit too squashed though! But great start in animating....

Ryan G. said...

Hey Steffi! Nice animations! Good lead and follow on that seaweed..very natural. Also, I agree with kookiejar on the rabbit. The squash is a little seems to flatten out.. play around with that a little.. Great start though!

Shawn said...

Hey, Steffi!
I'm glad I came by your blog again--are those the animations you were telling me about? Good job! I like the bunny hop too...good squash & stretch! I can't wait to see more soon!

David Germain said...

That was a nice whipping seaweed there. The action flowed through the line and snapped on the apex. I'm sure my teacher back at my animation school would have preferred a harder and faster snap, but whatever, it still flowed well. Confidentially, I didn't get an incredibly high mark on my whip assignment myself. Maybe it's because my scene featured the teacher getting whipped with his pants down. ;)

I enjoyed seeing the squash on the bunny hop. It looks like you squashed the symbol in order to achieve that. That sort of thing wouldn't be allowed where I currently work, but that's because it's not a particularily cartoony show.

But, yeah, that's looking good. Keep animating.

Arschblog said...

Thanks for you help and your advise!:)

I like the second impact of the bunny too. I was trying out something cartoony, that's why it's so squashy!XD
By the seaweed I used to draw each pose on paper and then I scanned it in, that's why the dot is boiling.

I'll do the next animations completely on Flash, that's much faster and I don't waste paper.
I like to try out different actings to find out what I like, I'm happy when you still post me your opinion and tell me what you think, that helps me because I want to do good cartoons to enjoy many people!:)
I'll try out and post more soon!:)

Parker said...

Hi, this storyboard is awesome!!!
Best wishes!!